Summer Courses & Camps 2017

We offer small group courses, one-on-one lessons, and summer camps. We also create courses based on parent request. Our subjects include the following:

Young Writers, Ages 7-11
* Imagine-Nation Story Writing Workshops
* Persuasive Essays
* Book Reports & Reviews
* Personal Narratives

Tween Writers, Ages 11-13
* Fiction Writing Workshops
* Persuasive Essays
* History Reports
* Personal Narratives
* Blogging

Teen Writers, Ages 13-18
* Short Story and Novel Writing Workshops
* Persuasive Essays
* Literary Analysis Essays
* Historical Analysis Essays
* Independent Research Projects & Papers
* Blogging
* Business Plans
* SAT/ACT Essays
* College Admissions Essays


Dear Parents,

We’re excited to announce our upcoming summer courses. We will ask writers to create unique, strange, and memorable heroes and heroines that must face surprising adventures to reach their goals. Stories in all genres are welcome. Each course will have a maximum of 12 seats.

Please feel free to share our programs with parents and friends.

Thanks so much,

Dear Parents and Teachers,
We’re offering a summer workshop for Tweens and Teens ages 12-18. Please feel free to share this course with parents, teachers, and students in your community.

A Perfect Storm: Fiction Writing Workshop for Tweens and Teens, Ages 12-18

July 17 – 21, 2017
Monday – Friday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Taught by Writing Coaches Shu-Hsien Ho & Royd Hatta

Minimum 6 students, maximum 12 students.

Parent Bryony Autumn will host this course in her Palo Alto home near El Camino Real and Barron Ave.
 (Parents who register will receive the specific address.)

Our theme for this course is to develop unique, memorable protagonists as they face both the internal and external storms of their adventures and lives. This course will ask writers to explore the complexities of character, voice, symbolism, and plot structure as they write their own short stories or novels. We will analyze Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a framework for understanding all story structures, and use it as a guide to write the tough middle scenes of rising action and conflict. The course will include short warm-up brainstorming exercises, strategies for dealing with writer’s block, and specific feedback for improving stories. Readings may include passages from The Magic Words by Cheryl B. Klein and Notes to Screenwriters by Vicki Peterson and Barbara Nicolosi. Writers are welcome to work on current or new projects, including short stories, poetry, and novels. All genres are accepted, including fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, dystopian fiction, mystery, thriller, memoir, comedy, and plays.

Reviews for our Teen Writers Workshops:

“Shu-Hsien, you did a positively bang-up job at this event! Your presentation was organized and downright fun. I can’t remember when I’ve exercised my creative side so much, or laughed so hard. It was no big surprise that at the end when you asked everyone if they wanted to meet monthly, they practically jumped up and said, “YES!” Whether you think you’re already a good writer, you like to write but need some direction, or you can’t write a darn but wish you could, Shu-Hsien Ho is the one person who can take you to the next level. Don’t miss her next event!”

~ Jan Altman, book agent for teen writer, Palo Alto
We are eternally grateful to you both for helping our boys so very much. Julian was not at all stressed with his creative writing final. This is because of all his work with you both – he told me! Miles’ library persuasive essay was handed in and VERY well received. We’re very blessed, thank you!
~ Bryony Autumn, Sons ages 12 & 16, Palo Alto

“Shu-Hsien helped me take a passion of mine and refine it into a self-published novel that is now sold online. Her editing skills, organization, and patience improved my writing for both novels and academic papers in high school and college. Her coaching has made the process of writing easier and more enjoyable, a rarity that I am grateful to have found. Her support and advice have been vital to my writing, and I would recommend her to any writer looking to improve.”
~ Erica Klein, Author of ta Naia and UC San Diego Alumna

Tuition: $545 per student
To reserve a seat and register today, please

1. email your student’s full name, age, any allergies, and parent daytime phone numbers to

2. pay tuition via PayPal to:

OR mail your check to Beyond the Box Learning:

Shu-Hsien Ho

Beyond the Box Learning

530 Showers Drive #7
UPS Box 256

Mountain View, CA 94040

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with your Teen Writer!

To your writing life,
Shu-Hsien Ho & Royd Hatta
Writing Coaches

Writing Coaches Shu-Hsien Ho and Royd Hatta are passionate about teaching youth and teens how to organize their thoughts and write with power, clarity, and ease. Since 1996, their students have learned to write essays, research reports, poems, short stories, and even their first novels. After working with Ms. Ho, one teen writer independently published her 400-page fantasy novel. Their students have earned acceptance into top colleges and universities, such as UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Caltech, MIT, NYU, and Brown University. Ms. Ho has a B.A. from Pomona College and an M.A. from Lesley University. Mr. Hatta has a B.A. from the California State University at Long Beach, with specialties in history, theater, and philosophy. Ms. Ho and Mr. Hatta currently teach small group workshops for homeschooling groups and at the Chinese American International School in San Francisco. They run two thriving writers clubs with over 600 families: Bay Area Young Writers and Bay Area Teen Writers. Since 2011, Ms. Ho and Mr. Hatta have published six anthologies of their students’ fiction: Strokes of Lightning, Real Heroes Wear Sneakers, Bones of Mystery, Encroaching Ink, Special Worlds, and Piercing the Unknown. The latter two books are available on Ms. Ho and Mr. Hatta are currently compiling and editing submissions for the 2017 Story Anthologies.

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