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I want to let you know what a big difference your fiction writing classes have made for Claire. Somehow, you were discovered when we most needed you, and such good things have come from this. Thank you.

Cathy ~ Parent

Discover Our Classes

Homeschool class

Homeschooling Classes

We teach Fiction, Persuasive Essays, Literary Analysis, Independent Projects, and other special courses such as Entrepreneurship.

Homeschooling class


Through our monthly in-person or online workshops, your child or teen will be able to hone their storytelling skills. For the college bound, we host College Essay Workshops.

Camp Arms Raised

Summer Camps

Our interactive games and story maps will reveal a whole new perspective to crafting a tale that your young writer will be eager to share!

1on1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

Whether in-person or online, we help your writer dig deeper to find the full potential of their stories and essays.

Guest Author

Guest Speakers

At our events, you will meet notable authors, agents, and guest instructors, who will share their wisdom about writing and the publishing world.

Guest Teachers

Guest Teachers

Your writer will learn new skills and be inspired by various coaches and working artists from across the U.S.

Why Beyond

the Box Learning Classes?

Stories are just the beginning.

By harnessing a student's love of Story, while showing its patterns and power in books and movies, we are able to create a deep curiosity and passion about writing. 

From there, our young writers begin to see the value of the "Jedi Mind Tricks" of persuasion, punctuation, and grammar.

Beyond this, our exploration of higher philosophical concepts reveal more thought-provoking ideas that will add depth to whatever your young writer creates.

Camp Reading

Dedicated, Respectful, Encouraging.

With over 35 years combined teaching experience, Royd and Shu-Hsien understand that fun and "starting where we are" provides the first steps to allowing young writers to find their voices and gain confidence.

By building on a student's strengths, learning style, and interests, we coach them in every step of the thinking and writing process.

Students practice brainstorming, narrowing their ideas, organizing, writing first drafts, gaining momentum, and revising content. Writers who work with us over time develop a discipline and attention to craft that extends beyond our sessions.

Writing Coaches, ShuHsien & Royd

Writing is a Super Power.

Every young writer may be eager to tell their own story. That alone has power.

Writing is a place where they can embrace their unique perspectives.

It is a Special World where we can speak our minds, logically parse out our truths, and make discoveries about ourselves and the world we live in. 

Living with today's world takes courage. Writing allows your child to explore and wrestle with the most confounding issues, and ultimately,

imagine new solutions for a path to moving forward.


Your Child has a Story. Stories have Power.

Even our engineering parents know that the ability to write well makes an impact on others. Data, facts, and numbers are important, but without the skill of Storytelling it may never reach the ears or hearts of your intended audience.  


Writing is Thinking. Writing is Healing. 

Writing is a space to dive deep into a specific question or topic. It allows time to contemplate and work through complex ideas and situations.


Story Tells Us More Than a Good Tale.

With the help of the Hero's Journey Map, we can see that all stories have a structure. Even more, Stories have purpose. From it, we find inspiration, determination, and our own sense of life.  


Story is Everywhere.

If it's written, seen, heard, or felt, more times than not Story permeates it. Our ability to tell stories develops our analytical skills for the layered meanings we are exposed to every day.  

Through the power of Story,

your child 

can be her, his, or their own hero.

"Shu-Hsien and Royd are passionate teachers with years of experience, and it shows.

They have a standout ability to meet each student at his/her level, rather than expecting the student to conform to predetermined standards.

They look beyond traditional stereotypes and expectations to patiently and effectively guide each student to greater ability.”

~ Sunnyvale parent, whose teens have enjoyed both literature classes and book club meetings.

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At Beyond the Box Learning, every student begins their reading and writing journey where they are. Steady steps lead to mastery. We'll show you the way.  

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