Cake Survival – Part I

Cake Survival Egg ship

Cake Survival - Part I

by Connor Seeker (age 10)
A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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We have lived on the moon for 500 years. It is absolutely massive, an endless sea of dust. Survival was only possible by taking some food from the towering metal spaceships from this place called Earth. The beings in these rockets look like us but much bigger. When the rockets stopped coming and resources were slim we decided to go on a journey into the unknown for survival and adventure.


Space Travel Alyssa

“Spaceship 1 ready for takeoff,” came the calm voice over the intercom. I watched in awe as the spaceship we built fired up and zoomed away from the huge metal platform we built in our moon base. Let me explain, These creatures that call themselves humans arrive here then and again and we are always able to take some food. We found these strange shelled round things. 

There were 12 in all, each with a tough shell of protection. We wanted to venture to different planets so we started chipping away at the shells. At last we came inside and found there was a big yellow thing surrounded in a transparent liquid.  We built bridges connecting the entrances with the yellow thing. It was very smelly and we had to use 20 air fresheners but it worked. We hollowed it out to look like a spaceship and did the same with three others. Now powered by the energy of the liquid, 2 layers of protection and our sheer curiosity we tested if they would work.

It was perfect. We made contact with our landing site in a land called Scotland which for some reason was called TESCO who said they have a place ready for us. I am part of ship 3 and my name is Alyssa. Ship 3 is the second smallest, 1 the scouting ship is smaller and 4 the main ship is biggest. We waited an hour for the scouting ship to land. We heard the radio transmission.

”All clear” so ship 2 fired up and flew and 5 minutes later, I boarded my ship along with my copilot Amy. My best friend was in a yellow dress and one of her ridiculously large bows in her braided hair and our friend Alan looking tired as he had to wake up early to help prepare some things as well as  some others that I didn’t really know. I took place in my seat with my co-pilot Amy and we fired up and flew. Everybody stared out the window at the big blue and green planet as ship 4 took off. I looked in awe at Earth. Tesco appeared on the radar.

“Set a course for that dot!” Amy told me and we flew into the unknown. 



Earth Alyssa

“Target in sight,” The spaceship radar informed me, and as Amy announced the landing over the intercom, I stared nervously at the massive building. Amy noticed I was scared.

”What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Just nervous. It could be dangerous. I’m only 12 years old,” I replied .

“Alyssa, you are the bravest person I know. You are right you are 12, but you are also the captain of a spaceship on one of the most important missions we’ve ever had. You got this.”

”Thanks, Amy,” I said to my best friend. Her words calmed me and made me confident. We piloted the ship to the  building and were about to fly in.

”STOP!” Alan shouted. He surprised me, and Amy stopped flying. The ship dropped a bit before I caught it and hovered in front of the entrance.

”That’s glass,” Alan said. “You need to open the door.”

Suprised, I looked around and notice small parts of the shell of ship 1.

”How do we open it?” I asked but just then ship 4 zoomed towards the glass. Amy contacted them over the intercom.

”NO! That is glass! Don’t fly through the door!”

We watched scared, but miraculously ship 4 stopped just in front of the door. Looking through the window I saw the captain reach for the radio button. 

“Thanks, we would have crashed. We need to get in.”

”You look at the bottom and we look at the top,” I told them through the radio and watched as ship 4 flew down. 

“Amy, let's go up,” I said.

We flew around the top of the door searching until I saw something.

”Wait,” I said and enabled hover on the ship. Amy stopped too.

”What?” She asked.

“What does that black box do?” I asked 

“Don’t know,” Amy said “Let’s find out.”

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