​We at Beyond the Box Learning encourage our students to become "story eaters," ​or avid readers. Stories through any medium, ​novels,​ graphic novels, comics, and videos help to educate us about the world, the people who struggle with in it, and the realizations they discover ...

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Kick-start Your Reading Habit with these 4 Teen Novels this Avid Reader Loved & Devoured

Blueby Ivy Yu Ethan’s favorite sweaterThe chairs in which I sitThe jeans that Joy always wears.Crickets chirpingThe endless questions my mom fires at meThe calming sound of the ocean.Sweet, juicy, ripe blueberries A blue raspberry lollipopBerry yogurt.The cold, refreshing touch of popsicle on tongueThe exciting brush ...

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Poetry: “Blue”

MosquitoesMy spring break trip in Venice  by Ivy YuMidnight, Venice; cool breeze, calm and soothing,Or not. With that buzzing in my ears…So, you’re going to attack me?Qdksjfalwifjawiato!!!!Ugh, now I’m all red…I blame you.Tearing my skin open for blood.Oddly smallEven then, theySting you like no tomorrow.Planet Earth ...

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Poetry: “Mosquitoes”
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