Forgotten Wolves

Forgotten Wolves

Forgotten Wolves 

 by Myka MacGregor 

A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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Once upon a time in a world far away were wolves. They used to be everywhere till the hunters came. They hunted all the powerful wolves with magic.

So the wolves in the human world are normal. In a hidden area that only a few hunters knew about was the Shine pack. They were Spark, Lunar, Luna, Mathew, Willow, Acid, Angel, Vv, Ruby, and their mother, Light, and their father, Theo. 

“Father? Why can’t we climb trees like the ivy pack?” Willow would ask. 

Willow was so curious. Willow was a ginger-colored cat with hints of brown and green. Lunar and Luna were twins, so everyone keeps mixing them up. Lunar was a gray tabby cat. Luna was also a gray tabby. But Lunar had yellow tints in fur. Spark and Vv were best mates. They were only 14. Spark, Vv, Ruby, Mattew and Acid were black with glowing paws. Mathew, Ruby and Vv had red glowing paws. Spark had blue glowing paws. Acid had green. Angel and their mom, Light, were white that shines. Theo, the father is black with a little shine.

Chapter 1   

“MOM!!” Angel yells from the kids' den room. 

“What? I’m gonna go hunting soon,” Light yells back. 

“Someone broke in and is trying to eat Acid,” Angel replied, ducking from when the wolf chasing Acid hit the wall face first. 

Light runs in and blasts the wolf with magic so pure the wolf disintegrates into ash. 

“Thanks mom,” Acid cries from on top of a branch. 

“There. These wolves are so desperate they are trying to eat you. I’m going now, And if you need anything, go to your father,” Light says. 

Theo walks in and asks, “What about me?” 

Light turns her head. “Oh, I was saying that I'm leaving to hunt, so they go to you if they need anything,” Light replies. 

Theo nods. “Got it,” Theo replies.

Then Light and Theo kiss, and all of the cubs stick out their tongues. “EWWW” all of the cubs say. 

Vv and Spark exit and go to the playroom while everyone else gets ready for the day.

”Why do they play? But not us?” Willow asks. 

“Because they were getting ready while everyone else was running for their lives,” Light replied. 

“Uuuggghhh!!!” groaned the cubs. 


“TAG,” cried Spark as she tagged Acid. 

“I’m it!” Acid yells. 


“Huh?” Ruby asks. 

“AAAAHHH!” yells Spark. The cubs turn to Spark who is now in a net, with a wolf trap stuck on her leg.

Then someone appears. 

“BONNIE THE HUNTER!!!! RUN” yells Angel, helping Vv and Ruby to release Spark. 


Spark was released. Vv picked up Spark and put her on her back. 

Shoop! An arrow flew past Lunar’s ear and landed in Luna's leg. 

“AAHH!” Luna yelled. Luna starts to slow down and ends up tripping. While running, Lunar picks up Luna. 

“UGH!! Why are you cubs so frustrating!?!” Bonnie Yells. 

Theo runs out of nowhere and aims towards Bonnie's legs, tripping her. “RUN CUBS!!” yells Theo. 

The cubs got split up. Vv and Spark ran into a tree patch and Vv put Spark down. 

Vv looks around frantically for something that will stop the bleeding. Then something grabs him. He looks behind him and sees Bonnie. He growls at her, then sees that she has Spark, who is trying to scratch her face. Bonnie yanks Vv into the air by the leg and throws him in a sack with Spark. 

Chapter 2

“Ugh!” Spark groaned. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. She looked around and saw she was in a cage. 

“You’re awake!!” Cried Vv. Vv embraced Spark. 

“AW!!” Cried someone. 

Spark looked towards the sound. There was a little girl in a yellow dress. 

“EEK!” Spark squeaked. 

“It's okay. I’m Hannah. Bonnie is my mom. But I don't like hunting animals.” Hannah replied. “Oh! Mom wants you to be bait for your siblings,” Hannah added. 

Spark mouth dropped open. What!?! Spark thought.

“I know it's crazy, but she needs more wolves. And you are the purr-fect match.” Hannah said. 

Spark looked at Vv. They knew it was true. They couldn't hide it anymore. 


“Willow, we… stop now?” Matthew asked though gasps for breath. 

“Sure.” Willow replied. 

“How far from home are we?” Matthew asks. 

Willow sniffed. “A whole mile,” Willow said. “And us having to carry an injured dad does not help.” Willow added. 

Mathew looked at their dad's wounds. He was shot in the leg and was sliced with a dagger on the eye. 

“Ugh.. Kid is that you?” Theo asked. 

“Yes, dad it's us.” Willow said, snuggling him. 

BOOM! Then the bamboo around them exploded. 

“Now you're mine,” Bonnie cried. 

“EEK!!!” yelled Willow and hid farther in her father's fur. 

“One cub… There should be two!!!” Bonnie yelled. 

Willow snickered. 

“What was that?” Bonnie asked. 

Mathew started to tip-toe away. When he was far enough, he ran away. 

“Hey, get back here!” Bonnie yelled at Matthew, running after him. 

Willow got out of Theo’s fur and picked him up and ran the other way that Bonnie went. Mathew's also took this way. Willow could tell. She sniffed the air and followed Mathew's scent. 

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