Migration Journey

Butterfly Eagle Story v21 SM

 Migration Journey

by Sharanya Sridhar, 10

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One exciting day, Izzy the butterfly packed everything she needed. She had to migrate with the others in her neighborhood at 5:00 am sharp. It was still dark out when Izzy left her home. She lined up on the newly built runway, which everyone pitched in to build a few days ago. With the others, she got ready for takeoff. 3, 2, 1… They took off, soaring into the air. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an eagle dropped out of the trees and separated Izzy and a few others from the flutter.

They were panicking. They had lost their sense of direction after the eagle surprised them. There was thunder from the sky. Izzy looked up and saw clouds. It was going to rain. She alerted the others and everyone quickly flew under the tree. Shivering, everyone slowly dropped into a fragile sleep. 

The next day, Izzy looked around. The weather was much better. Izzy took charge and divided everyone into groups. Some would find food, others would be scouts, and the rest would be building temporary nests. By the end of the day, the scouts reported that there was no sign of the flutter. Everyone clumped together in a better shelter than the previous night’s. 

As they were drifting off, the eagle dropped from above, quick and sudden, swooped into their shelter and destroyed the twigs and soft nests, yet leaving after that. Everyone was so cold and tired. They all huddled and slept in the ruins. 

The next day, Izzy woke up early. She stretched and heard wing beats. She parkoured between the others, careful not to wake them. She dismissed the thought of the flutter coming back, but she decided to look. From the lookout, she looked into the distance, and she saw the flutter! They had come back for them! Izzy woke the others and led them to the flutter. After a few quick reunions everyone was ready to go. They took off, flying far away from the eagle and their old home.

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