Poetry: The Sand In Between My Toes – Maya Abouav

sea waves crashing on the shore

The Sand in between my toes

by Maya Abouav - Age 12

The sand in between my toes,

The waves crashing into my ears,

A gray cloud around me,

The sea foam running near.

My friend sits beside me 

Her thumbs hopping on her screen

Her eyes glazed and attentive,

Fixed to her own machine.

I sit in a pit of yellow sand,

Watching away the time,

Restless at the repeating sights.


I sigh.

I hear a quiet tap and everything freezes.

The noises stop.

The children in the sand pause.

The eagle in mid air,

A clam gripped by its claws.

I turn to my friend,

It appears she’s still moving,

My melting pot of thoughts are clear,

And I step -  my feet are cruising.

In front of me is the ocean,

Still moving, still spry,

My friend follows me,

And then - I dive.

And so I open my eyes.

Awakeness flows through me,

My last hair dances underneath,

The salty water envelops my friend and I,

And then I breathe.

My friend right beside me,

Our vision now unveils

That instead of legs behind us,

We have shimmering black tails.

Our eyesight becomes sharp,

Hearts are loud and beating,

I take a last peek above,

Time had resumed its being.

As we sprouted fins and gills,

My friend in perfect sync,

I realized we had turned black,

And then we began to shrink.

It took us a few moments,

For our minds to fully start,

For we finally understood,

We had become sharks.

A flood of new opportunities swept over me,

My friend and I were meant,

To explore the wonder we now were,

And so  - off we went.

Tween Poetry Award - This stunning poem with its twists and unexpected imagery pulled us into its world. At one point we think the girl is going to be a mermaid, or seal, but no a shark. We love the line "to explore the wonder we now were." Beautiful. I can feel the water flowing around me as I read it. 

Comments: Judges said "I was captured by its wonder," and "I love the twist in this one."

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

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