Spy School Adventures by Sahas S.

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Spy School Adventures

by Sahas S. (Age 7)

A January 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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One day in The Mystery School for Spies, a student called Plats went missing.   Plats was a clever little platypus who was at the school for two years.   He was sent on a mission to Atlanta to find some missing people.   He went missing on the mission and that worried everyone at the school so much.   After a couple of days, the school sent their best spy students to find Plats. Two weeks later, they lost contact with the spy students - they were missing too.

The teachers had a big meeting and all agreed that everyone will help with the mission.  So now all the teachers and all the students went to check what was going on.   They went to the last recorded location and nobody was able to believe what had happened - Plats was a ROBOT!   RoboPlats did not recognize his friends, he only saw the spies.   He created lava pits in the pathway but the spies managed to dodge them.

One of the spies, Michael, had an idea.   He projected a picture of him and Plats to RoboPlats.  Underneath the robot, Plats recognized his friend.   He sent a morse code signal that told Michael what happened to him, “I was doing a mission in Atlanta when a Smart Troll attacked me.   He put a robot chip on me and now controls (most) of my actions.”

Now the spies knew what happened to Plats.  They decided that they had to break the robot chip to get Plats back.   But they could not get near RoboPlats.  They took a laser beam but RoboPlats deflected it away.   They shot an arrow but RoboPlats broke it.  They could not beat RoboPlats physically.   So they decided to mess up with its program.  They sent a virus to RoboPlats and the chip broke.   This did not hurt Plats.   He woke up with tears in his eyes and thanked all his spymates.   Then he showed the drainage pipe through which they can escape.

But wait, what about the first set of spies who went searching for Plats?  Where are they?   Plats suddenly remembered what the Smart Troll had told RoboPlats - a plan to send Robot spies to outer space to control all the countries.   Now, it was time for the next mission - to stop Smart Troll and his rocket and save the rest of the spymates.

Plats told the whole team that they have to stay to help their friends.  He showed another way through the drainage pipe to get to the Smart Troll’ control room.   They waited for the operators to change shifts and quickly went into the control room.  The spies were looking for the rocket ship controls, when Michael accidentally tripped and pushed the spy in front of him causing a domino effect with the last spy hitting the door and BAM the door opened to the Smart Troll’ Head quarters.  

The Smart Troll yelled to his army, “Everybody report to the control room NOW.”  The army assembled and this included the Robot spies.  Soon a big fight broke out.   All the robots shot jellybeans and the spies evaded them with their nunchucks.   Michael now had to speed up and quickly send the virus to all the other robots.  Within 60 seconds, he sent the virus and the robots stopped.   The spies helped their friends as they shook off the robot.  Now, everyone was angry at the Troll.   The Troll tried to use a jet pack and fly away but the spies caught him with a net.   The angry Troll was transported to Spy School as he shouted “I curse you, you meddling spies.”

The next day, all the spies were happy to be back in school.  Plats and Michael started their morning quiz “Decipher the code” and smiled at each other as the sun shone into the classroom.

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