The Frosty Gift

Frosty the Dragon red

The Frosty Gift

by Sharanya Sridhar, 10

A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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On early Christmas morning, Charlie the beaver went down his tree house where he and his parents lived.

He also had 20 brothers and sisters all crashing down the tree with him.

They were all excited for the presents Santa put under their tree, or the ones in their stockings.

There was the usual tumble for presents, and eventually Charlie got his.

It was a cube shaped box, wrapped in colorful and bright blue paper.

One by one, his siblings opened their presents.

Then it was Charlie’s turn. 

He opened the box.

It was a dragon doll set complete with a fridge.

Charlie was disappointed.

His siblings got cool stuff, but all he got was a paper origami dragon.

That night, he kept the box near his bed and slept.

In his sleep, he felt a tap. 

He woke up to the sight of his paper dragon crawling over him and ransacking his room.

Charlie was frozen in terror.

Suddenly, as Charlie thought things weren’t as crazy as they seemed to be, the dragon said, “ Finally, you’re awake!”

Then Charlie fainted.

When he came to, he found the dragon towering over him.

He screamed, scrambling back.

The dragon calmed Charlie and introduced himself as Frosty.

He explained why he was looking into every single belonging of Charlie.

“I realized your parents will be throwing out all the Christmas paper and boxes (admittedly after doing a few unnecessary things and causing chaos…), including my box! So, I am searching for anything that can help.” 

Charlie understood the situation. 

He knew his parents wouldn’t notice a difference between one box from another, so he couldn’t count on them.

But maybe he could create a box overnight that would fit Frosty’s requirements.

So, Charlie got to work, making detailed measurements for a new box. 

As the sun came up, Charlie put Frosty in the new box, put the fridge and tree in the house, along with a special present while Frosty slept.

Charlie’s parents threw away the old box and Frosty was safe with his new friend.

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