The Lost Island

Girl with fireball in forest

The Lost  Island

by Myka MacGregor, 10

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“Huff,” breathed Mira. “I think we lost them,” Mira said to her cat, Whispers. 

“I believe so too,” replied Whispers. 

“WHERE ARE THEY?!?” yelled a gruff voice. 

“What?” Mira asks, her voice going dead silent. 

“I don’t know boss. We all were scared when that fireball came from nowhere.” another voice says.

“The fireball came from the girl's hand. Which is another reason we need to catch her and her talking cat,” The gruff voice says. 

They're after us for our magic, maybe, Mira thinks. 

“Okay, Okay. TOMMY!!” The other voice replies. 

“Yes? What is it, Valos?” Tommy asks.

“The girl. Where did you see her run?” Valos asks. 

“The cute and adorable girl with the long flowy white hair? She ran toward the meadow,” Tommy Replies. 

Is he lying to them because he thinks I'm cute? Mira thinks. 

“Boys to the meadow! Follow me or my name isn’t Tomrock!” Tomrock says with an even gruffer voice. 

Mira giggles. The footsteps start to be more faint until Mira and Whisper cannot hear them. 

“You can come out now,” Tommy says when the footsteps disappear.

Mira pops her head out of the bush she was hiding in. 

“Thanks back there,” Mira says. 

“You’re welcome,” Tommy says. 

Mira steps out of the bush and then reaches in to grab Whisper. 

“Yes. Thanks, Mate,” Whisper says when he gets out of the bush. 

Tommy's eyes widen and his mouth drops. "Did the cat just talk? Well that should make sense, after all it has wings!” Tommy claims. 

“It's very nice that you have noticed my wings. By the way, I love blue hair, What… Do you hear that? Mira, we need to go NOW!” Whisper cries.

“Okay. Bye!” Mira says to Tommy. 

“Whisper, do you think that we found the kidnappers?” Mira asks Whisper as they start running. 

Whisper nods. “Well, if they are, they are about to get kicked in the butt for kidnapping my brother.” Mira grunts angrily. 

“THERE THEY ARE!!!” yells Toprock. Mira turns and blasts ice on the ground behind them. 

Toprock, Valos, and the others all slipped and started to hit each other while sliding on the ice. “THEIR GETTING AWAY!” Valos yells. 

Mira turns back and then jumps onto something invisible. Mira starts to go upwards like she was on invisible stairs. 

“Mira wait up!” Whisper says as he flies up to catch up with Mira. 

“I wonder how they got on the lost island,” Mira asks Whisper. 

“I don’t know. But not the stairs. Because only magic beings can go on the stairs,” Whisper replies.

🌓 Chapter 1🌗

Mira lay on her bed wondering where her brother is.

“Whisper, The island should teleport to a new place now, Right?” Mira asks.

“Yes.” Whisper replies.

Mira sits up and starts walking out of her room.

“Mira, where are you going?” Whisper asks.

“To the royal coronation. I have to go because I'm the princess.” Mira replies.

“Is that why you are wearing your pink and blue pastel colored dress?” Whisper asks.

Mira nods. "I hate this dress. It’s so long. It reaches my ankles. Anyway, I got to go!” Mira comments. Mira starts to glide down the stairs.

“Mira, there you are,” says Mira's mother, Queen Lona.

 “Hi, Mom,” Mira mumbles. Mira looked into her mom's eyes. Queen Lona's eyes were Green as always but there was a tint of blue for the first time. “Mom, Did you use magic make-up again?” Mira asks.

“Why, yes!” Queen Lona cries. Mira smiles weakly. “Honey, I know it’s hard without your brother, Goku.” Queen Lona says.

Mira nods. “I’m going to change and continue searching for him.” Mira says and then heads off to her room.

“Ugh… When am I going to tell her?” Queen Lona asks herself.


“LET ME OUT!” Goku yells from his cell.

“My men are after you-know-who,” says a voice.


“Whisper, please ask me why you told me this?” Mira asks.

“Um, a silver dress that reaches your knees with bows and bows in your hair is not bad,” Whisper replies. Mira glares at her cat. “Well, better be going” Whisper says, breaking the silence. Mira nods.

Then all of sudden a yell came.

“THERE SHE IS!!!” It was Tomrock. Mira panicked and slipped. She started to fall off the floating island.

Whisper started to yell, “Mira ru..” He was rudely cut off when Valos grabbed him.

Mira finally started her descent to the ground.

“She's falling!! We going to lose her. None of us can survive that fall. She might be able to though.” Valos exclaimed.

“I KNOW!” Tomrock yelled at him.

“Ahhh”Mira screamed as she fell. When she disappeared from the Tomrock's view, she blacked out. 

🌒Chapter 2🌔

“Ugh!” Mira said, as she slowly woke from her deep sleep. “Where am i?” she asked as she looked around.

“You are in the woodland kingdom,” replied a voice.

 Mira's head turned towards the voice. “You’re a forest pixie? Don’t forest pixies only take care of forest royalty?” Mira asks.

“Name’s Trize. And yes, we care for our royals. You are Princess Mira of the forest kingdom.” Trize says.

Mira just stares at Trize's blank face. ”I’m a Pollinator? The people with powers?” Mira Asks. 

Trize nods. “Now, I think you should meet your real family,” Trize says.

“Oh, yeah!” Mira replies.

Trize waves to her to tell Mira to follow her. Mira hops off the toadstool bed she was on. Mira skips out the room and to the outside. When Mira stepped out of the room, to her it felt like entering another world. The houses were all dangling off tree branches and they were all connected by bridges.

“Keep up!” Trize's voice made Mira snap out of it. Mira skipped to Trize side. “Here!” Trize announced.

“Here!?!” Mira asks as her eyes widen. In front of them is a giant castle. Trize and Mira start entering the castle.

“Trize, is this her?” a shill voice asks. Trize nods. “My word, She looks a lot like her brother.

“Yes, she does!” another but low voice agrees.

Then two adults enter. The woman has Black hair that's so long it reaches the floor even in a bun. The man has Grey hair.

“Mom, who are you talking to?” asks a male voice.

“Horton, come meet your twin sister.” The woman says. Then a boy came out of the dark. Mira stares at him and he stares at her. “My name is Queen Lilac,” The woman says.

“And I am King Yertle,” the man says.

“And I’m Horton your twin brother,” the boy says and shakes hands with Mira, then brings her into a hug. “It's good to meet you.” Horton says.

“Same,” Mira replies. Then Mira pushes Horton away And bursts into flames. “Sorry, that was too long a hug. This is what happens to me when I get really nervous.“

"Wow,” Horton exclaims.

“Even I can't do that.” Queen Lilac cries out.

“That's so cool!” Horton cries.


“There's the little Pollinator!” a voice yells from the other side of the room.

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