The Princess Witch

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The Princess Witch

by Luise Seeker

A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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Let me tell you a story of a beautiful girl

Who was special like a magical pearl. 

She wore stunning dresses that sparkled and shone

And sat on a glittering imposing throne.

She was a princess in a faraway land

With a crown on her head and huge rings on her hand. 

Her mother and father were queen and king,

She lived in a castle and had everything: 

Her pony was white as fresh fallen snow,

She had all the toys that you could possibly know. 

Her bed was huge with the softest pillows

She had her own garden with yews and willows. 

You might think the princess felt really blessed

But actually, she was rather depressed.

She often heard how people complained

About their own lives that were so constrained.

She heard a father tell the sad story

Of his boy who got lost in a quarry. 

People had searched for him days and nights

And the queen donated money, sent knights.

Then a woman said a scary old dude 

With a crossbow mark stole all her food.

The king gave her fruit, veggies and bread

But could not find the thief who had fled.

Those people told tales of great unfairness

And each story fostered the princess’s awareness

Of the injustice everywhere on Earth. 

She had so much and others not much of worth. 

Her parents listened to all complaints, 

And helped where they could with money or gains.

But the princess wanted so much to help, too

She ran into her garden and cried at her yew:

“Oh, magnificent tree that you are old and wise

Most beautiful tree under all the skies, 

Tell me please what I can do

To be more than pretty by being helpful, too!” 

She held her breath when the sky grew dark

And shadows danced over the old yew’s bark.

The wind blew wildly and tossed the tree’s crown

The princess was scared and crouched deep down. 

Branches waved forwards and backwards, old and knarled.

Then a horrible voice whispered and snarled:

“A princess is pretty but can you be strong?

Can you hold power to fix the wrong?”

The princess swallowed and mustered the strength 

To stand up straight and show her whole length. 

She nodded, her fists firmly held by her side

“I’m ready,” She said, her eyes were wide.

The wind swooped her up into the air

Around her body flew her dress and her hair

Power entered her from everywhere

Then all turned dark and nothing was there.

Since that day our princess had powers

That kept her awake in the small hours.

While her mother and father slept in their bed

The princess through the castle crept. 

She changed sparkling shoes and her glittering gown

Her sceptre and her diamond-set crown

For tight black trousers and sensible shoes,

A great big hat and a wand she could use.

In the cellars, she kept cauldrons and glasses

Filled with frog eyes, snake hides and so many gasses. 

She ground bones, old teeth and shiny shells,

She read old books and practised her spells.

But what she loved more than anything

Was a truly amazing, extraordinary thing:

A broomstick that looked old and weird

But made her feel free like a bird. 

On that broom she flew through the night

While her wand sent out fountains of light. 

She flew to the quarry and found the lost boy, 

Who was skinny and dirty but full of joy.

She waved her wand and wished for some food

And thought some water would do him good.

Then she brought him home to his parents

And turned around for some other errands. 

One night she flew over deep dark woods

And found a convoy that transported goods. 

She was ready to leave but then saw in the dark

A scary old man with a crossbow mark.

He lingered near the wagons with his band

Who all held weapons in their hands

Their jaws were set, their eyes looked hard

Their faces were scary and deeply scarred.

The princess gulped and flew to the ground

She ran around and made a terrible sound

In seconds everyone was bright awake 

And the robbers all fled down to the lake. 

The convoy of goods was safe for now, 

But the princess could feel from her toes to her brow

That the robbers would soon return

She had to go after them and be stern!

She cornered the man with the crossbow mark

Who grinned at her wickedly like a shark. 

He stretched his hands and wanted to get her

But she flung her wand and he choked on fur. 

A big fat rat climbed from between his lips

She said: “Stop that!” with her hands on her hips. 

“From this day onwards, every time

This will happen when you think of a crime!”

The old scary man searched for his knife

But the princess did not fear for her life

Before his fingers touched the hilt, 

A second rat out of the robber’s mouth spilled.

It took the man some more attempts

And it was clear rats were not his friends.

But before the sun rose over the horizon

The man sat at the princess’s feet bitterly crying. 

He promised sincerely to steal never again

And she listened and struck a bargain.

She pledged to get the robber and his men

Honest work, enough food and a home in the glen. 

The princess-witch was wise you must know

She understood that everyone needs some cash flow. 

Everyone needs warmth, friends and good food. 

Without all this, life is not good. 

Well-fed and with purpose one can be content

Especially when you have enough time on your hand

To socialise and meet some friends

Smell flowers, fresh air before the day ends.

The princess-witch lived a happy life

As a princess, a queen, a mother, a wife.

All her life the nights were her own

And she loved her broomstick more than her throne.


Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

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