The Sharks’ Treasure

Sharks Treasure

The Sharks' Treasure

by Neha

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For Capt. Boglebee the treasure is the gold,

but for the sharks, it was their babies.

Chapter 1: The Letters

Dear plumber, 

Good, you are here. We really need some help. Our submarine needs to be fixed for a fun little adventure underwater. Can you please assist us? We won’t go under the water until it is finished. 

And maybe if it’s fixed you can come with us.  We are all underwater so you can take your time. You can let us in when done. Afterwards, we can have our fun little treasure hunt. 

We aren't going until morning, but if you can get done tonight that would be awesome because we need some sleep before our whole day on our fun. 

We will be looking for a few kinds of treasure. Treasure like gold and seashells. You see these are special seashells. There is only one place to find those magical things. That place is underwater. We are going very deep. 

Think about it, please, you can easily find those special shells. 

There is a cove underwater. We have been visiting it every month for about a few years now. 

There is a whole treasure chest full of gold and those magical seashells. But if you come with us after fixing this, you can visit us in our submarine anytime.

Please be careful, there will be sharks.  

They are vengeful and scary as well as horribly mean and beastly things. The sharks have been trying to steal our treasure for years now. But not this time. 

The time has come to defend the treasure and one another as we bring it back here.

                 The underwater, Captain Bolgelbee

Dear captain, 

I would love to fix your boat and come with you all. That’s why I rushed here in the first place. I came here to fix the submarine and help you find the treasure. That will be fun.

             Your plumber,  John

Dear John, 

Thanks so much. Please, let us know when you are finished. When you are done, you can come with us. But, since it isn’t morning yet, you don’t have to rush yourself. We cannot wait to see the newly fixed submarine.

           Captain Boglebee

Dear Captain Boglebee,

I am very close to being done. I promised not to let you all down. I really want to go with you guys. Don’t worry. I’ll be done by morning. I cannot wait to see the treasure, Captain.


A few hours later…

Dear John, 

It is nightfall. you still have a few hours till sunrise to finish the submarine.

           Captain Boglebee

More hours later….

Dear Captain, 

I have finally fixed your submarine. I am ready if you still want me to come with you all.


Dear John,

That is awesome, thanks. Yes, you can still come with us.

         Captain Boglebee

Chapter 2: The Adventure

“Captain, it is so much fun to be here,” said John as he toured the submarine. While doing that, he saw six other crew members.

“Indeed,” Captain said.  “And good, everyone is here alright. Under the water, we go!” 

A few minutes later, they climbed into the submarine! They finally started heading underwater. 

One of the members said, “It is so much fun doing this."

Another said, " Thanks for helping and coming with us, John!” 

“No problem,” said John, excited to see everything.

After many miles, the submarine stopped and rose up on the ocean’s surface. They climbed out. They put on their swimsuits and wetsuits along with flippers. They also put on their oxygen masks and tanks and jumped underwater.

They finally dove underwater and as the captain had said, there were sharks, and the gold and the special seashells. 

They swam to the gold and seashells, grabbed them, and were about to head back to the submarine, until John saw something in the kelp, and said, “What was that? ” 

Captain Boglebee said, “Ooh, probably the sharks. They are the treasure thieves.”  

“How many are there?” said John.  

“Probably three to ten sharks," said the captain.

“They are thieving, aren't they? Let's stop them,” said John.

Captain said to the crew, "Yes!  John is correct.  Let's fight those thieving monsters.”

The crew saluted. “Aye aye, Captain!”

There were four sharks against the eight humans. 

“You thieving rascals are no match for us!” yelled the captain to the sharks who had just come out of the kelp leaves. 

There they were,  swimming like torpedos toward John, the crew, and the captain. “Yikes,” said one of the crew members. “The sharks are too fast for us!”

The captain headed to the treasure and grabbed it.

He used his flippers and met up with John and the crew.

“Watch out,” yelled Captain Boglebee. “The sharks are coming!”

Suddenly, the sharks turned toward everyone, and the fight began. 

They tried to torture the captain, the crew, and John. 

They tried to bite the bag of treasure! 

While doing that the eight humans were hit by the sharks’ tails.

The sharks were exactly what Boglebee described in the letter to John. They were beastly mean and thieving monstrous horrid old rascals. 

They were four gray and white great white sharks.

Their mouths were wide open and they were grinning like villains. 

The sharks had sharp teeth. Sharp as knife blades.

Four of them weren’t a match against eight humans. So, the sharks found 12 more of them to join the fight.

There may have been 16 sharks but they had no plan not like the eight humans before them. 

Captain Boglebee said, ”Eight against 16?! I have an idea. Let's partner up and each take on the sharks!”

He said to the seven of them, “Crew, let’s divide into partners to each fight two monsters.”

“John, maybe you can come with me," said one of the members. The others partnered up and Boglebee was also with one of the crew.

The great whites did the same thing. Soon the sharks swam to the pairs and fought them and were successful in stealing the treasure. 

The crew met up and all said, “GRRR! THOSE rascals are the WORST!” 

They also yelled, “THOSE SHARKS WILL PAY!” 

The humans plotted a plan to take back the treasure that was stolen. 

The captain warned the seven of them, “ Stay behind me please,” but later decided to fight the sharks eight on 16.

The captain took John along with the rest of the crew back to the submarine. 

And in there, they steered the submarine which zoomed after the sharks and the TREASURE that was STOLEN from them.

They ran out of the submarine and dove underwater with their gear and flashlights. 

They saw the glint of gold from the bag on the teeth of one of the sharks.

“John and Crew, it is time to fight and win!” said Captain Boglebee warmly to the seven people behind him.

“YAY!!!!” the crew and John exclaimed.

The captain threw them their swords and since they had gear on, the battle continued.

Boglebee said, “The swords have blades that are as sharp as a megalodon's tooth.  You can easily stick them up a shark's mouth. 

“Let’s fight those monstrous rascals,”  John said while pointing it at the great whites. 

The sharks swam fast towards the crew. The sharks’ eyes were bulging.

Gold pieces from the bag were gleaming in the shark's mouths. 

The eight crew members each punched out two sharks.

The humans immediately grabbed the treasure and outsmarted the sharks. Or so they thought.

The sharks decided to take John by his fins and swam back to their cave of gold and seashells. 

“The sharks are taking John!” the crew said to the captain.

“GO after them, please!” the captain ordered, pointing towards the sharks with his sword.

The other seven humans have gone along with them to save John in hopes of defeating the sharks.

The sharks noticed the seven of the crew members following them. 

The sharks motioned with their fins and invited everyone into their cave. 

The crew said, “What do the sharks want with us, OUR captain and John?

One other member of the crew said, “Maybe they want to explain why they STOLE gold from us!”

The humans were shocked when they saw the cave.  They climbed on the rocks and breathed air.

The sharks showed the gold and seashells in their treasure chests as an explanation for why they wanted more gold. 

The humans were still confused and speechless.

“WHOA! The sharks have a lot of seashells, " the crew and their captain exclaimed.

John said, “I understand why the sharks wanted our gold.” 

“It is because they might need more gold than they already have to reflect the light in their cave. 

The sharks only had very little gold and more than enough seashells. So they wanted to get more gold from the humans.

The crew had to save John somehow. So, they handed over the gold to the sharks. 

The light shone showing the sharks’ babies. 

“Aha, that’s why they needed more gold!” Boglebee said.

The sharks motioned John back in the water with the humans and lead them back out.

The sharks have gone back to their caves and having more gold decided to put some more gold in their stash and gave the rest along with the seashells to the humans.

The sharks and crew waved goodbye to one another. The humans hugged and high-fived. 

At last, everyone swam back above the surface of the water. 

The sun had set. 

Back inside the submarine, they, along with John, ate a dinner of tuna sushi rolls and oysters. 

They also ate French onion soup and French vanilla ice cream. 

“OOH, DELICIOUS!” the eight of them exclaimed as they ate up the FABULOUS meal.

Later on, they headed to bed for the night. 

John, getting ready to sleep in peace, saw the moon outside. 

It reminded him of the sharks and their babies basking in their golden light.


The End

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