The Stolen Dragon

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The Stolen Dragon

by Lauren, 8 

A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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It was 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Layla and Kate were getting ready for bed. They went to bed but when the clock struck midnight a dragon swooped to their window.

The dragon told them to get up.

Layla and Kate didn't want to get up. But when they heard the Dragon of Sparkles say that their best friend from the Kingdom of Fantasy, Sterling, needed help, they rushed out of bed.

They climbed up to the dragon's back. They started flying. Above the dragon were the stars and the moon. They were glittering and glimmering all around. The dragon explained that Sterling's dragon, Rainbow, had been stolen by the witches and that they needed to go to the Kingdom of Fantasy.

They arrived at the Kingdom of Fantasy and went to the land of the elves because Sterling was the queen of the elves.

They walked down the Elf Forest to get to the queen. All of the elves were whispering because two humans were in their forests. That was Kate and Layla.

When they got to Sterling's throne. Sterling was very happy to see them. The queen was knitting a mitten.

“Oh, hi,” said Sterling.

“Hi,” said Kate and Layla.

“I am very glad you made it,” said Sterling. “I am super worried about Rainbow.”

“Don’t worry, we will save her,” said Kate.

“We will defeat the witches,” said Layla.

“Okay,” said Sterling, “I will take you to your room.”

Sterling led them to a room with a green rug, two comfy and soft beds, a desk, and a pretty chandelier.

“This is your room,” said Sterling. “You’ll stay here for one night then we will begin our journey.”

“Okay,” said Kate and Layla.

Kate and Layla were very tired because they woke up at midnight so they went straight to bed.

In the morning, Kate and Layla got up and got ready to begin their journey. Sterling came into their room to get them.

 “Okay” said Sterling. “You two can fly on your own dragon, right?”

“Wait,” said Layla. “We are going to fly on our own?!”

“Yeah,” said Sterling. “I will choose the best dragon for you.”

“Okay,” said Kate and Layla. They went to the dragon room where all the dragons lived.

“Okay,” said Sterling, “You guys can take Star and I'll take Moonlight.

“Thank you," said Layla, beginning to climb on to her dragon.

Once everybody was ready to go, they zoomed off to the sky. The chirping birds and the smell of mornings filled the air.

When Layla, Kate, and Sterling reached the Land of the Witches they got off their dragons and searched for the castle where the queen of the witches, Glinda, lived.

Finally, after a lot of wandering around, they saw in the distance a big, black, spooky castle. When they got to the castle the gate was locked.

“What are we going to do now?” said Layla. “The gate is locked.

Then they noticed a letterbox just the size of an elf. 

“I could squeeze through that letterbox and open the door on the other side,” said Sterling.

“Good idea,” said Kate.

Kate held Sterling by the letterbox and Sterling jumped on the door handle. She put all her weight on the door handle and shouted “Push”. Then the door slowly opened. They snuck into the castle and Sterling said she knew a secret passageway to the throne room that the witches didn't even know about. Sterling showed them a door to the pipes.

“This pipe is empty and it leads to the throne room,” she said.

They crawled through the pipe and Sterling was right. They ended up in the throne room.

They snuck into the throne room and saw Glinda. She was sitting on her throne but when they snuck in Ginda noticed them. 

“What are you doing?!” shouted Glinda.

“We are here to get Rainbow back!” Kate shouted back.

“Oh,” Glinda said. “You must be Sterling the elf!” pointing to Sterling.

“Yes,” said Sterling. “I am.”

“Well,” said Glinda “I have news. You are not getting Rainbow back.”

Then Sterling remembered that the witch loved to fight.

“Okay,” said Sterling. “We will fight. Whoever wins, gets the dragon.”

“Game on,” said Glinda.


Then Sterling called the dragons. She jumped out of the window and the Dragon of Sparkles caught her.

Glinda grabbed her broomstick and flew out the window, too.

Kate protected Sterling because she was an elf.

Layla fought. She did a front flip over the witch and landed behind her. The witch turned just in time and Layla kicked her in the face. She fell backwards and Layla pinned her to the ground.

“Tell us where Rainbow is and give us the key,” said Layla.

“Uh, she is in the cage on the third floor in the pantry,” said Glinda.

They got Rainbow back. Then they went home.

The witches never dared to steal anything from anybody from then on and everybody lived happily ever after.

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