October 6, 2013



We are Beyond the Box Learning.

As writing coaches for youth and teens, we're focused on making writing fun through stories. 

For more than 20 years, we've seen how challenging and scary writing can be for some reluctant students. That's why we embrace fun, and even silliness, as a playful form of learning.

Most of this silliness is initially expressed in our story games, and that energy, and the allowance to be ourselves, is transmitted to our writing. 

Play and stories inspire our students to listen and connect deeply with the higher concepts that we teach.

As "storycrafters" and English teachers, we love revealing the intrinsic patterns of nearly all stories so that our young writers can create amazing tales like they've never done before. As a result, our writers may even begin to understand how stories deeply affect our lives in the real world. 

To us, stories are not mere silliness on paper. Stories are confidence builders, empathy magnifiers, and connection makers. They are tools for exploring the real world, and for changing it, from the safety of our notepads, pencils, and keyboards.

From this framework, we teach various genres of Story Writing, Essay Writing, Literary Analysis, Independent Research Projects, and even Entrepreneurship. Of course, it's all with the intent of allowing students to discover for themselves the power of the written word–in story and in life.  

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

To your writing life,

Royd Hatta

Shu-Hsien Ho

Amy Grover

Writing Coaches

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