This is Beyond the Box Learning.

Our teaching philosophy can be summed up in these 20+  essential ideas we believe are true about writing (in no particular order):

  1. All writing tells a story.
  2. All stories start small.
  3. Reading encourages writing.
  4. Stories are life.
  5. Stories explore our emotions and actions.
  6. Writing is thinking.
  7. Stories are metaphors for how we could live.
  8. People are stories.
  9. We must start where we are.
  10. Each writer is a hero in his/her own life.
  11. A hero has at least 2 (two) stories: an Emotional and an Action story arc.
  12. Writing encourages us to explore a big “Special World.”
  13. Stories help us to succeed. Or, at least they help us to envision how we could succeed.
  14. Stories allow us to fail, reflect, and try again.
  15. Writing is an act of discovery.
  16. We must not be afraid of our own writing. We all must have the courage to write and be free to make mistakes and have fun.
  17. Writing is a way to express our voice, ideas, opinions, and imagination.
  18. The five (5) senses allow readers to enter your world: smell, sight, sound, taste, touch.
  19. There are two kinds of writing: “worry” (story) and “proof” (essay). Journalism is a combination of both worry and proof.
  20. Be Specific! Provide colorful, vivid details, and action.
  21. Drawing and playing help us to think.
  22. There are many different ways to learn new skills: hands-on practice, visuals, listening, drawing, games, toys, speaking out, and acting/role playing.
  23. A teacher’s job is to inspire creative ideas, questions, and curiosity. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.
  24. If life is a game, then let’s play!

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