January 10

White Rose by Andrei Genzel


Happy New Year!

Here's a beautiful poem to ring in the year by one of our teen writers. May you all have a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2023 and beyond.  Thank you Andrei for the poem!

White Rose

by Andrei Genzel 

During the season of cold and darkness,

Every man and woman sits beside their hearth.

Covered in snow, a seed grows in hopefulness,

Eagerly awaiting the coming spring.

Many days pass in growing melancholy,

Buried dreams encased in a solid frost.

Even though hope has passed, the sun still rises,

Rising and stirring the thought of spring again.

Journeying east with the birds is the sun.

A tiny green sprout peeks out of the snow,

Not knowing when the ice will melt away.

Unsuitable chilly breezes still blow,

Aptly reflecting the length of the night.

Resting below the ground, the seed yet waits,

Yule passing into warmer days, awaits the white rose.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels



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