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Magical Story Writing Tools

Here, you can download our worksheets, lists, and other resources that will inspire your young writer to create their story. 

Many of these worksheets are modified versions we use in our Meetups and Courses. For more detailed versions, we may have a small fee that will help support our free Meetups. 


Story Writing Prompt Sheet

This is a handy new handout that we use to help our young writers generate their own writing prompt or prompts.

Twelve boxes are shown, each with a specific story element: Character, Object, Setting, and Action. The writer is able to write and or draw random ideas in the squares. 

Next, they can combine any of the squares at random to inspire a premise for a story.

For extra fun, writers can close their eyes, and randomly point to one of the squares with their finger or pencil.

For even more fun, a group of friends can do a campfire story where each person can take turns telling the story. The rule might be that they must use one of their squares they wrote or drew in advance. Have fun!

Blank Comic Page

This is a simple 6 panel sheet where kids can draw their characters and settings.

Encourage them to create word bubbles so that readers can see their what their heroes are thinking.

Of course, your young writer can tell their story with full sentences at the bottom or top of the page for extra flavor!