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What classes do we provide?

Story Writing - This series of courses is for students who are both reluctant writers or enthusiastic authors-in-the-making! We show what makes a story great and how it may be the most important "Jedi Mind Trick" of all.

Nonfiction Writing - This series offers a fun way to dive deeper into subjects your child may be curious about. We show nearly every kind of nonfiction writing is meant to persuade us and take action. Our early nonfiction classes include "intentionally hilarious and obviously fake news stories" all while applying the techniques that great journalists, essayists, and creative nonfiction writers employ. We don't just report, we mean to save the world!

Literary Analysis - Each course focuses on two major readings, an interactive discussion of deeper meanings, and a written analysis to clarify thoughts. We will explore various perspectives and concepts that will support and add depth to the lessons learned. This is often a student's first entry into academic writing.

Other Writing-Based Courses We Offer:

  • Independent Projects - The Research Paper & Beyond
  • Journalism & Media Studies - Local and World News & Views
  • Creative Nonfiction - When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
  • Entrepreneurship - Building Your Own Mini Business
  • TED Talks - Speaking Your Truth 
  • Comics And Graphic Novels - A Visual Literacy Course
  • and More!

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