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About Us

This is Writing Coaches Shu-Hsien and Royd from the San Francisco Bay Area and we're honored to have you join us! We've been sharing our love of stories and writing since 2002.

Along with Writing Coach Amy Grover in Portland, OR, we believe stories are the key to encouraging our students to write, think, and act.  

Our Workshops and Classes

We teach the following subjects for elementary, middle grade, high school, and college students. 

Writing Coaches Shu-Hsien & Royd teach the following:

  • Story Writing (Short Stories, Historical Fiction, etc.)
  • Literary Analysis & Rhetorical Essays
  • Nonfiction & Journalism
  • Persuasive & Personal Essays
  • Independent Research Projects
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Special Request Small Group Projects - Graphic Novels, Blogs & Websites 

Writing Coach Amy Grover in Portland, OR 

focuses on her brilliant and fun brand of story writing for young writers. Here's a fun example from one of her online group classes.

Amy Grover Volcano Myth SM


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Bay Area Young Writers Meetup

Bay Area Teen Writers Meetup

If you have any questions about our upcoming homeschooling classes, private group classes, or 1-on-1 coaching, please feel free to contact me at our Contact Page.

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Royd Hatta
Writing Coach