All About Golf and Its Benefits 

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All About Golf and Its Benefits

By: Justin Yu

An April 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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Golf is an arduous sport and can be frustrating. But, there can be benefits to playing it. First, the sport makes you exercise. When playing golf, you have to rotate, walk, use energy to hit the ball, and more. 

Walking in golf can also be tedious. If you are playing professionally, you have to hit 250 yards to finish the hole. 250 yards is equivalent to 750 feet. There are 18 holes in a course. So multiply 750 x 18 and that's 13,500 steps to walk.

Next, you probably think golf is just being strong if you are new to the sport. But no, because if you have no technique, there is no point in golfing.

Not to mention, you have to swing a club and hit a ball. A club is mildly heavy and hitting a ball with a metal club takes energy. Also, you have to rotate your feet and whole body. Make sure you practice, because you want to hit it straight. If you hit the ball to the side, it would be a lot more tiring, because you're hitting it all over the place. So that’s why technique is very important. 

So, to improve your technique, you should practice - not days, weeks, or months, but you need more than a decade of work. Tiger Woods started golfing when he was a child. Now, he is past his prime, but has millions and his net worth is 1.3 billion dollars. Tiger Woods needed to have determination and years of work, good strength, and awesome technique. To start any of these, you need to stay determined. If you quit, none of these will happen.  

After determination, you need strength. There are machines meant for strength, like a Tonal. A Tonal is a machine that makes you pull with all your strength, which you can get stronger from.

Then, you need technique. Success does not come from dreams. Having a coach and practicing are vital to becoming a professional. A coach will help you and tell you what you need to become better. Almost every professional golfer has had a coach; some even have them now. The technique needs perfect rotation, movement, ending, swing, strength, and more. But, failure also benefits you too. “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work,’’ said the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison. 

Failure helps you understand what you are doing wrong. But stay strong, because some people quit from early frustration and constant mistakes. So, once you become strong, learn from your mistakes, practice for a long time, and have perfect technique.

Professionals before their prime enter a tournament. If you win a tournament, some give you money for being 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st place. If you don’t get first place, do not worry; because it is your first tournament. Professionals learn from their mistakes commonly caused by pressure and get better. Then usually a professional primes after their 20th tournament. They start playing tournaments and win those. Then after that, they start going into PGA tournaments. If they win that, they go into team golf against other countries. You get recognized on TV and people will have your face on their walls. And if you win all of those, you will be happy, famous and rich.

In conclusion, if you play golf, it takes many steps. Golf gives you exercise and if you become a professional, you get happy, famous, and rich like Tiger Woods in his prime or Rory McIlroy in his prime. Golf is a very hard sport to play.

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