Mr. Magic Dude 1: Adventures in Mielkid

Colins Map of Mielkid

Mr. Magic Dude 1: Adventures in Mielkid

by Colin K.

A May 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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Chapter One: Bugs in the Mine

In a gold mine underneath a castle, Mr. Magic Dude and Trill the pigeon were mining magical gold and copper.  Mr. Magic Dude is a wizard who has insanely powerful skills.  His main power is that he can do absolutely anything with his magic wand, so it is important he doesn’t lose it.  Trill also has magical powers.  When he attacks bad guys, he shoots poisonous dragon’s breath out of his beak.  

Mr. Magic Dude and Trill were having a little problem in the mine.  They were hearing strange scratching sounds. Then, they started seeing weird holes in the gold, and a bunch of bugs called giant silverfish emerged. 

They were sent there by evil wizards 500 miles away on the other side of Mielkid.   Giant silverfish are terrible pests.  They are absurdly fast, as they can travel over 200 miles per hour, and one silverfish can eat 50 pounds of gold in just 90 minutes!  

Mr. Magic Dude and Trill knew they needed to act fast before there was a gold shortage.  

“So, Trill, what do you think we should do?” asked Mr. Magic Dude. 

“Coo, coo, coo, do we have any of that silverfish spray up in our castle?” 

 “Well, we can try it,” replied Mr. Magic Dude.  “But we don’t need to go up to the castle.  Why don’t I create some with my magic wand.”  Mr. Magic Dude waved his magic wand and said, “Abracadabra, create silverfish spray,” and the spray appeared.  “Here, silverfish, here, silverfish,” called Mr. Magic Dude, and he sprayed the silverfish, but nothing happened.  

Mr. Magic Dude and Trill realized that the evil wizards had attached iron armor to the silverfish before sending them to the mine. They also realized that these were magic silverfish who had been coated in anti-magic spray, so the wizard’s magic couldn’t work on them.  

“Coo, coo, so what do silverfish with anti-magic spray hate?” asked Trill.  

“I’m not sure,” said Mr. Magic Dude, “let me use my magic wand to look it up.  Abracadabra, what is the magic silverfishes’ weakness?”  

The wand replied, “It’s pumpkin pie.  It’s magically disgusting for them.”  

So, Mr. Magic Dude used his magic wand to create some flies, as silverfish love to eat flies.  Then, he cut the flies open and stuffed crumbs of pumpkin pie inside each of them.   

Mr. Magic Dude said, “Here, silverfish, come get your flies.”  The silverfish scuttled over, and Mr. Magic Dude fed them the flies.  Little did they know there was pumpkin pie crumbs inside.  

After they ate them, the silverfish said, “Sczz, sczz, oh no pumpkin pie, bleh,” and they started going crazy, crashing into walls, and rolling in mud.  After two minutes, the pumpkin pie destroyed the silverfishes’ magic and they disappeared.  

“Phew, that was close,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Coo, coo, well I guess it’s time to keep mining,” said Trill.  “We might need this magical gold and copper for magic spells soon.  Who knows what will happen next.”  So, they kept mining the magical gold and copper.  

Chapter Two: Unwanted Visitors

After they finished mining, Mr. Magic Dude and Trill went back to their castle to have a meal.  They noticed the sky was turning purple, and they started hearing weird noises.  They were not quite sure what was going on, but they did know it wasn’t very good.  

All of a sudden, a ton of people wearing black cloaks appeared in the castle gardens.  They were evil wizards!!!  

“Coo coo, coo coo, oh no!” said Trill.  

“I guess we have no choice,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  “Let’s fight!”

They went outside and saw that the group of evil wizards was led by the famed wizard, Bob Evil.  

“Long time no see, Mr. Magic Dude” said Bob Evil.  

“You stand no chance against us,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Oh yeah, take this!”  Mr. Evil summoned lightning, and a lightning bolt struck from the sky.  Mr. Magic Dude and Trill dodged out of the way just in time, and the lightning struck and burned a bush.  

“That was basically harmless,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  “I doubt you’ll withstand this!”  Mr. Magic Dude summoned a giant fire tornado, and it was heading straight toward the group of evil wizards.  Fifteen of the evil wizards were swept inside and burned.  

“AAAHH!” exclaimed Bob Evil.  

“I can do something even crazier,” said Mr. Magic Dude, and he summoned a tsunami wave nearly the height of his castle.  The tsunami wave picked up the remaining evil wizard survivors, including Bob Evil, and swept them away.  

“YAAAAAAAA!” screamed the evil wizards.  

“I’ll get you again soon, Mr. Magic Dude,” said Bob Evil, as the wave carried him away.

“That fight wasn’t that bad,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Coo coo, not bad at all,” agreed Trill. 

 They noticed that the plants and bushes in the castle gardens had received so much water from the magical tsunami wave that they had grown to be fifty feet or more.  

“Well, I guess our garden is crazier than it’s ever been,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Coo coo, our plants are so tall now you can probably see them from fifty miles away,” said Trill.  Then, Mr. Magic Dude and Trill headed inside to finish their meal. 


Chapter Three: Missy Witch…OH NO!!!

After they finished their meal, Mr. Magic Dude and Trill went outside to take a walk around Mr. Magic Dude’s kingdom.  

All of a sudden, they started hearing beeping from their evil wizard and witch tracking device.  It said, “Danger!  Danger!  Missy Witch is ten miles away from your kingdom.  You need to get your defenses ready fast!!!”  

“Uh oh,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  “We should probably start getting our defenses ready.”  

Mr. Magic Dude and Trill turned on the infrared lasers that surrounded the entire kingdom.  The lasers created a red glow that could be seen for miles.  

Then, Mr. Magic Dude and Trill attached rocket launchers to the roofs of all of the homes in the kingdom. The rockets were so powerful they could blast through magical stone.  

Next, they summoned a bottomless pit that stretched around the kingdom.  

Finally, they released all of the guard dogs.  The dogs would attack evil wizards and witches on sight.

“Well, I think that should be enough,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Coo, coo, definitely,” said Trill.  

All of a sudden, they heard the raid bell go off.  “Ding, ding, ding.” 

 “We were just in time!” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

All of a sudden, a bunch of evil wizards and witches arrived led by Missy Witch, one of the most powerful evil witches in the world.  

“You dared to defeat my evil wizards,” said Missy Witch. “Now you will pay! I will take over Mielkid and you will have no kingdom!”  

“We’ll see about that!” said Mr. Magic Dude.

As they approached Mielkid, some of the evil wizards and witches fell into the bottomless pit, but others gave themselves a magical jump boost and leapt over the pit and lasers.  

Then, the rocket launchers started firing purple missiles, hitting some of the evil wizards and witches.  Unfortunately, Missy Witch was able to keep some of them safe by giving each of them magical copper shields which deflected the rockets.  

Fortunately, the guard dogs were ready.  They started pouncing on Missy Witch and the evil wizards and witches and wounded them all.  

“You win, you win!” screamed Missy Witch, and she pulled all of the survivors out of the kingdom.  

Then, Mr. Magic Dude simply used a magic spell to remove the rocket launchers, lasers, and the bottomless pit, and all of the guard dogs soon went home.  

“That was scary,” said Mr. Magic Dude.  

“Coo, coo, I haven’t seen Missy Witch’s coven for a long time!”  said Trill.  “I’m glad we defeated her again.”  

Mr. Magic Dude and Trill then returned to their castle and took a much needed nap.   

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