Starwitch Academy by Myka MacGregor

Starwitch Academy

Starwitch Academy

by Myka MacGregor (age 11) 

A January 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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Lunar could not believe her eyes. Her brother, Lando, stared at the ground with his eyes wide and mouth dropped open. She really wished she didn't say yes to this. Then their surroundings turned from a village to a castle in a matter of seconds. The dragon holding them let their claws open and Lunar and Lando fell to the ground. Lunar yelled for all that she was worth. Then right when she was about to hit the ground. She stopped. She shook her head trying to see if she was in a coma.

“You’re awake.” said a voice.

Lunar turned her head to the voice. Lunar saw a tall thin lady with glasses and a wand. She wore a red gown with a yellow cloak. Her smile was sweet.


“Please quiet down Mister Cotter.” My name is Headmaster Sunset,” Said Headmaster Sunset.

Lunar tried to nod. Lando rushed to his sister's side and picked her up.

“Sunrise will show you your dorms.” said headmaster sunset as a 15 year old came in.

“Hi. I’m Sunrise. Follow me,” Sunrise said.  

Lunar started to skid after her but then a wave of lava went between them. Lunar eyes widened and she asked “Does this happen a lot?” Sunrise nodded.

Then Sunrise reached into her pocket and pulled out a wand. And with a flick of her wrist the lava was gone. “Come let’s go now.” Replied Sunrise pretending that the lava was never there. She grabbed Lunar and Lando's hands and ran like lightning.

While running she let go of Lando, dropping him off.  Lunar gulped. She had never slept in a room without lando. Sunrise skidded to a stop in front of a room with a pink door. “This is where you sleep with the other witch princesses.:” Sunrise proclaimed.

“But I'm not a princess.” replied Lunar.

Sunrise shrugged then ran off. She was back in 4 seconds with Lunar bags. She gave them to Lunar then  disappeared in a flash.

Lunar with bags in hand walked into her dorm room for the first time.

          Chapter 2 Lunar’s diary

Omg. School is amazing! I have a group of friends already. I haven't seen my brother Lando as much though.Like the only time I see him is in potion class. He is really quiet now. Being quiet is so not his style. My friend  Sunny says Be brave. I’m trying but it's so hard. To be honest this is my first diary entry ever. The only reason I'm writing this is because my friend Moony gave one to  everyone in my dorm saying this way you won’t forget your important stuff that no one should know about. Did I say that my friend group happened to my roommates? This thought just comes to mind, I haven't named you. I’m pretty sure right now you’re thinking Lunar, why would you name a diary? Well I would name a diary because all my friends did. Moony diary called artemis. Sunny is aphrodite.  I should write a note saying that. Anyways it’s getting late so I should go to bed. What! No. Sorry, Lehia wanted to read you. I know it's rude. Bye.

         Chapter 3 Lando journal

 UUUGGGHHH. I have a test tomorrow jonjon. I should write some notes.

-Frog plus spider leg is spider legs as in the person who drinks the potion gets spider legs.

-Bambo plus dog spit is a giant panda friend  potion.

- sjjswdwidjjjjjwdhwfjdocjdsojfckdjscjkksjdjc

And that's it.

            Chapter 4 School

Lunar moon glides across thinking about her parents' secret.

I’m adopted? What does that mean for Lando's sake? What would Lando do if he  knew this?

Thump! Lunar falls to the ground. “oof. Hey, watch where you’re going!” she yelled at the thing. Then she looked at it for the first time and it made her shiver.

It was huge as a shark, hairy, green, and had glowing red eyes and sharp teeth. 

“HHHH EE LLLLLLLL PPPPPPP!” Yelled Lunar as the beast hauled her onto his shoulder. 

In a few seconds Lando appeared with a wand in hand. “Get your wand out!” He shouted to Lunar. 


Lando skidded to a stop processing her words. When he finally understood, He teared up but ran. “Adopted or not you’re my sister!” He yelled.

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