Adventures of Soid

Adventures of Soid Orig

The Adventures of Soid 

by Bastian Taylor (age 10) 

A February 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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Chapter 1

Soid Flamemaker was a normal 17 year old, but he was currently lost in a vast jungle.

Just then a tiger came out of the bushes! 

Soid screamed but the tiger said, “Don’t worry, I’m friendly!” Soid was relieved but wondered how the tiger could talk.

“Come with me,” the tiger whispered, “Be quiet. I know you are special. There is a very powerful weapon that you shall wield.”

“Are you kidding me?” cried Soid, “I’m only 17 years old!”

“Quiet! There is a mad scientist trying to look for the fire jewel and he’s tearing up the forest looking for it.”

Just then they reached a rock temple that held the fire jewel. 

He walked to a stone block that had the fire jewel floating on top of it. With its gold handle, fiery spikes, and the power of the sun put in it, the fire jewel was the most legendary weapon of all time.

“I have heard the stories of it,” whispered Soid as he held the legendary weapon.

“You need to defeat the mad scientist and save this jungle!” said the tiger, but before Soid could ask any more questions the tiger vanished into the trees.

Chapter 2

Soid decided to explore the forest and he thought about what the tiger had told him. Should he defeat the scientist or abandon the opportunity? These thoughts raced through his head. He wore a fedora, a leather jacket, and some jeans. He also had his lucky Uno reverse card, which will come into the story later.

Soon he came across a clearing with a training dummy in it! He decided to practice his skills with the sword and discovered the blade's moves. He tried out the projectiles of fire the sword could make. He created his own move called fiery tornado as well. After an hour he left the area.

Soid continued his journey through the jungle and then he saw a wolf trapped in a cage! Two men were holding the cage and Soid realized he needed to save the wolf. He charged and attacked. The two men were surprised to see him wielding the fire jewel. Soid landed a few hits that left the men with huge burns. They ran away and Soid freed the trapped wolf. 

“Thank you so much. Those were friends of the mad scientist. They captured me,” explained the wolf. 

“Does every animal in this place talk?!” asked Soid.

“”Yes,” said the wolf, “my name is Sharp. I had been separated from my pack but I would love to help you. The mad scientist lives in the Ember Volcano but we should go to the Dungeon of Madness to get resources before we battle the scientist.”

The Ember Volcano!? Soid thought. That's the most deadly volcano ever!

“If we do not save the jungle, this place will be destroyed! Luckily, I have some friends who are gonna help us,” said Sharp quietly. 

Chapter 3

Soid and sharp walked to a place with many tree stumps: a red panda, a bear, and a beaver were sitting on the stumps.

“Sharp!" The bear said. "I see you have a friend. Also is that the fire jewel?” 

“Soid these are my friends. They are also trying to take down the mad scientist. Also that is the fire jewel. You 4 should makes some dents on the machines they're using so they can stop cutting down those trees.” Sharp said.

“The wolf has a point." The bear said. "We need to destroy those machines before they destroy our homes."

"Me and Soid will go to the dungeon of madness to gather some stuff,” said Sharp. 

The beaver who was relatively quiet said “I think the scientist has some powerful robots he is gonna use.”

“Thanks beaver!” Soid replied. 

Soid slept on the ground that night, and he hoped he could save the jungle.

And so Soid and Sharp went off to the Dungeon of Madness.

But meanwhile, the mad scientist got a message from some spies. “Boss, we know where the Fire Jewel is.”

Another spy said, “It's in the hands of a guy named Soid. He also has a wolf as a friend.”

“Send the robots, they will capture Him.” The mad scientist said.

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