Hummy the Hummingbird Being a Mother


Hummy the Hummingbird Being a Mother: Book 2

By Maya Seeker

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Chapter 1

The eggs are hatching

It was a bright summer morning, when I saw the lightest crack on one of my eggs. I was excited, but also scared of becoming a mother.

There were exactly ten eggs, each a different colour. I didn’t know if it was because of my powers or their personalities.

I looked at the dark oak wood tree and wondered about what it would be like for Oinkers, Melody and Lilly to see this. I looked at the landscape. There were hills and mountains and so, so, so many trees, each home to a bird. And yet, I was so alone. But this was home, what birds call home and what they call birdland, a land that is believed only birds and other animals roam on. The village where I flew when I was still young, that was in a different land.

I crossed a bunch of water. I looked back down on the eggs. Now two of them were cracking. They were so tiny, smaller than regular hummingbird eggs which are most of the time as small as a small jelly bean. But mine were about the size of a small pea. Then I asked myself why  I wasn't sitting on the eggs to keep them warm. Then carefully I plopped myself on the eggs. Then, I waited for a few minutes and felt not two but three little hatchlings. One was green, one was orange and one was yellow. They were sooooooooooooooooooo cute. 

They immediately started begging me for food. So I went to get some food. 

Thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my wings flapped hard.

When I came back with three little worms in my beak, I fed them and then a fox appeared in the branches behind me. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. I spun around and opened my beak with a high-pitched squeak. Which is odd now that I am thinking about it because hummingbirds can’t screech that high. But I could and I somehow threatened a fox. Is it true that I, the loneliest hummingbird, can threaten a fox? It would take three million different hummingbirds to threaten one. But I was different somehow. 

Chapter 2

The mystery of the threatened fox

The fox just jumped down from the branches and went to the next tree.

And then a baby elephant was at the bottom of my tree.

I was so confused.

Did I threaten the fox or did the little elephant do it?

Then also the elephant ran away. And there was a lion. I also counted two penguins, three bunnies, one koala, four kangaroos and eight pandas. It was like an animal city now where all the birds would be gone.

The land would be called animal land.

And the only animal that you can’t find in animal land would be birds. I was so afraid. My first three hatchlings just hatched out of ten. It was incredible that all these animals would make birdland come to an end. 

I flew down from the tree trying to do my best to defend my hatchlings. But with each second I got weaker and weaker and my hatchlings and the eggs got colder and colder. At the end, we had no more energy and fell asleep. 

Chapter 3


My hatchlings and I woke up in the home of a family and it wasn’t any family, it was the family of humans! I felt sick and we felt scared. I've NEVER been in a human home before (except for the villages)! And worst of all we were trapped in a cage!

Me, Orange, Lemon and Lime tried to get out but it was no use. Every bang woke up the humans and soon they realised we were trying to escape!

They said “I’m warning you little fellows don’t get out!” But all we heard was "sobedowver teevo poom vdrsa get out!"

I think they tried to tell us to GET OUT but that was just a direct guess. But then I actually realised that the more we banged on the cage, the more they rolled their eyes in disappointment. I couldn't BELIEVE that we WE were so, so, so, SO unlucky to be  captured by HUMANS! I spent the night shouting (well screeching) about how unlucky we were!

In the morning, they let us out. I just thought they were testing me! They flipped me on to my back and poked me with something sharp so I couldn't fly! They did the same with Orange, Lemon, and Lime. How are we gonna escape now?!

They were petting our beaks and poking our eyes. Wow, I couldn't believe it. Humans are more horrible than I thought! I saw that the one who poked me wasn’t the man that captured me, it was a girl! A girl covered with white from head to toe. I was at the vet! I was brought to a room to be looked at. The girl whispered:

“Stay here while I find a way to get you out.”

I couldn't believe it, she was trying to help us!

111111111111111, 22222222222222, 3333333333! Nothing happened. 

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