BROKE(the no money kind) by Ming-Shan Wang

Court Judge

BROKE(the no money kind)

By Ming-Shan Wang (age 8, almost 9)

A January 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner

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Lucy Patterson was an average 25 year old, and here she was, standing with her parents at court. Talk about Embarrassment!

”Daughter of the Pattersons, please report to the courtroom.” That was the intercom.

As Lucy stepped into the courtroom, she stopped abruptly. ”Wow, this place is huge!”said Lucy.

“No dilly-daddling, young lady.” said a Judge who soon announced that his name is Bob. The judging process was pretty boring. ”You have been accused of stealing a Limited-Edition packet of $500 dollar apiece packet of Gum-ee wormz."

"You see, Gum-ee wormz are the rage right now, and there is a rumor that there are only eight hundred Gum-ee wormz packets made every week, and I admit it, I stole a packet of Christmas limited edition Gum-ee wormz.”

"I will now take away forty-seven thousand dollars from Lucy Patterson.”

What?!?! I only had fifty thousand dollars! Does that mean I only have three thousand dollars? Oh wait there’s more.

”She will also lose her job, and I believe that her current job is an Amazon engineer.” OMG. Judges are so Nosy!!!!!

”Miss Patterson may be excused.”

I was so happy to be able to get out of that horrible,horrid and horrendous place.

“How’d it go, Lucy?” That was my mom’s reply after I got out of the courtroom.

I tried to change the subject.

”I need to go home and pay forty-seven thousand dollars to the government. Ok, well, bye.”

I drove in my car back to my house that is technically not my house because I share it with my best friends Linda and Lizzie.

Lizzie is a redhead, I have black hair, and Linda has blonde hair. Here is a picture of us.

3 BFF girls

We are talking about how we are going to split our money between us, and they don’t even mind that I stole Gum-ee wormz.

I said that we had to stop talking because I had to pay my bill of forty-seven thousand dollars!

Geez! Ok, I guess you don’t know how it feels to pay that, but you are at court and some random judge just took away most of your money! So now you are 100% BROKE and have to pay a stupid and dumb bill of nearly ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!

That was the story of how I got broke.

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