Circle of Friends

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Circle of Friends

by Max Chen

An April 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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When you meet someone be friendly and say hi, 

Play with them, have fun and say bye.

You just made yourself a friend. 

Do it again and again, you get a circle of friends. 

Play and help. 

When they make you mad, please don’t yelp. 

A friend is one who laughs and helps.

He will not mock. 

Or push someone off a dock.

You will lose him, 

If you do not take care.

Everything will be bad, 

When you lose them all.

So smile and play tag, jumprope, race or basketball. 

It is better than any doll. 

Make a circle of friends, 

It never ends, 

It will get bigger and just expand. 

But help too, with music, science, math or more!

If you don’t you might not be adored,

Only helping yourself is just a bore. 

And share with others, not just you.

If they cry you will feel blue. 

When you share, 

They would share too. 

Then you made an ultimate, never ending, ever expanding, 

happy hearted circle of friends!

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