How A Mouse Became The Prince 

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How A Mouse Became The Prince

by Max Chen

An April 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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This is an old tale and all the old lions told this story. It was then passed down to the giraffes, then the zebras, and the camels, and finally the elephants. Here is the story: The Lion of The Head Hill, who ruled all of the hills, was tired. 

“I am tired, and I can no longer rule. I want to retire from my position and travel out of Sudan to somewhere else. Someone must rule and look over the animals for me.” 

The news of the retirement of the Lion of The Head Hill was spread among all the animals. Everyone wanted to take over his position and rule the kingdom. 

The Lion Of The Head Hill had a speech: “Nay! You can’t all rule. I proclaim a contest, with only seven animals: Spiky the porcupine, Zill the zebra, George the wild dog, Squeak the mouse, Tagrae the tiger, Kara the horse, Hissy the mamba snake and Pall the bristly rabbit. It won’t be a fight. It is an obstacle course race. You first must find your way out of the jungle. Then you must go through the Darkness Cave. Then, if you don’t get eaten by the bears, go across the highway, jump on a car, and somehow steal the human’s phone. Whoever accomplishes all these first wins. I am gonna take a short trip. When I come back, hopefully one of you can take over my responsibilities.”

The race was on. 

At the end, the mouse won with his agile body and intelligent strategies. He shouted with excitement, “I won! I am the new ruler.” 

“No! Not yet. You are too small! I have the right to be ruler, I am the biggest and strongest, I shall rule!”  Tagrae, the tiger objected with his rumbling voice.

“No! It is Squeak who won the contest,” said someone. 

The quarrel took many days. 

“I am king!” screamed Tigrae, who still could not accept the fact a tiny mouse can be the ruler.”

“No. Let Squeak rule,”said a voice. Everyone turned around. It was The Lion of The High Hills. “When you were fighting, Pall, the quick rabbit came to me, and told me the news. Squeak wins the game fair and square. I am the king. But Squeak, the mouse, you are now my adopted son. You are a prince. Size has nothing to do with leadership, ability and wisdom. You shall never judge an animal based on its size. You Tigrae, was not fair to Squeak. Prince Squeak, you earn a title. You are Squeak, Mouse of the Low Fields.”  

And that is how a mouse became prince and the new ruler of the animal kingdom.

Photo by Nick Fewings at unsplash

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