The Pig Magician


The Pig Magician

by Sharanya, 10 

A May 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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       One cold, dreary day, when everyone was in their houses, there was one orphaned pig left on the streets, abandoned, named Gus with only a top hat. He lived in an alley, barely surviving. He desperately needed a house because he had a dream of a beautiful, fancy letter G on top of his very own house.  He tried out for jobs like photography and being an entrepreneur, but he didn’t have talent for anything. 

      The next day, the weather got better. Everyone went outside. People came out of houses to see posters. Magician street performers were in town. Gus was curious. He followed the humans to the magician. He squeezed through the crowd to the front. In the center of the crowd, was the magician. It wasn’t any ordinary magician, it was a pig magician. Gus watched the pig magician, and after the show, went up to him. “That was one amazing show!” Gus complimented the magician.

       “Thanks.” The magician said. “If you don’t have anything else to do now, I can show you one of my secrets.” Gus hurriedly agreed, excited to learn a secret of a great magician.

       The magician showed him a simple trick. An appearing trick. It was making a carrot appear out of a hat. Gus tried it and mastered it easily. It impressed the magician a lot, so he taught him another trick. This one was a card trick. It was guessing the card that another fellow randomly picked out. Gus watched the magician do the trick. He noticed that the deck of cards was a deck of the same cards. He decided to try it. He took the deck and performed exactly what he saw. He did it. “You’re a natural magician.” The other pig told him. Gus asked if they could try performing together. They were a hit, and earned a lot of money. Gus no longer lived on the streets, but in a house with food. He and the other magician were best friends and lived a happy life performing together.

  The End

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