The Rockstar Pirates

The Rockstar Pirates

An Excerpt by Bastian

A May 2024 Monthly Story Challenge Winner 

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Chapter 1

Boomer had always dreamed of becoming a pirate and with help from Lance, another person who dreamed of becoming a shipwright for a pirate crew, they made a ship. Both liked rock music, so they named their feature crew the rockstar pirates. The friends set off to sail the seas. At an island not far from the rockstar pirates, a boy with glasses named Clay was working on drawing a map of the island chain! The island chain was a large group of islands taking up a lot of the buccaneer sea. Lance and Boomer arrived on the island Clay was on. They were looking for a good navigator so that they could travel farther away from their home island. Clay noticed the ship. He got out of his house to greet the pirates.

”Hello, we are looking for a navigator.” Boomer said.

“I can be your navigator.” replied Clay. Not knowing what he was doing.

“You're way too young to be a navigator!” Cried Lance.

“I can show you one of my maps.” Clay pulled out the unfinished map of the island chain. “You like it?” Clay asked.

Boomer and Lance were speechless.

Boomer said: “You're in the crew."

Chapter 2

“Wait!” Clay cried. “There is a swordsman destroying the town that we need to defeat.”

“Wait, there is a tree with fruit on it!” Said Boomer. He grabbed one of the fruits to eat it and he devoured it in 3 bites.  


“Uh oh.” said Boomer, who had just eaten it.  Devil fruits were fruits that gave you special powers by doing certain things, such as touching the ground or kicking. Boomer knew about this and touched  the ground, and a large amount of drumsticks came from the ground in front of the friends!

“I think that is the power of the drum drum fruit.” Said Clay. “It grows on this island.”

“Sick!” Replied Boomer.

“There's no time to waste. Come on, let's defeat the swordsman!” Cried Lance. And the 3 friends went to find this villain.

Chapter 3

Our hero Boomer and his crewmates soon saw the swordsman demanding for money.

“If you don't give it to me I'll slash you!” He screamed at a person.

“We came here to stop you!” Boomer said as he and the others arrived at the scene.

“You think you can stop me? Ha ha ha! You look like a bunch of misfits!” 

“Aw yeah?” Replied Boomer. He stabbed his two drumsticks into the ground and a bunch of gigantic drumsticks came out of the dirt, knocking the swordsman back.

“Now you have angered me.” Said the villain. He pulled out two swords and charged.

“I got an idea.” Said Clay. He pulled out a spiky cord and asked  Boomer and Lance to put some of it under some rocks. “Then he would trip and fall!” he said.

The plan worked and the evil swordsman fell. Unfortunately he was still alive, and he quickly got up.

But then 2 boys who looked like each other attacked the swordsman, one with a bass guitar and one with a keyboard. 

“I'm Mark.” Said the one with the guitar.

“I’m Dorb. We are brothers.”

Without even thinking, Boomer said “Do you two want to join our crew?”

“Yeah!” The brothers said.

“Follow us.” Clay said.  

Mark was skilled at sniping with his sound darts so he became the sniper. Dorb had some experience with making food so he became the cook.

Chapter 4

Clay coughed multiple times for an hour.

“Are you okay? You sound like you have a cold.” Dorb said. 

Clay, in a weak voice, replied “I do feel like I have a cold right now.”

Boomer called from the other side of the ship. “Dorb! I hear some rattling from part of the ship, can you check it out?”  

Dorb nodded and went to check it out.  

“Clay! Are you okay? You look like you have a cold.” Boomer also said.

Clay replied. “I do. I need a doctor. Do you know where one is?”

“My little sister Ava back at my home island is a basic doctor, but she did not come.”

Meanwhile on the ship, Dorb was also hearing the rattling sound. He looked in a barrel and saw a 12 year old girl!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!” Dorb cried. He quickly called to his captain “Boomer! We found a stowaway!”

The captain ran over and saw the little girl. “Ava! I told you you could not go on the ship!”

“Well, I told you I was a good doctor!”

Lance ran over to the situation. “Seems like your sister didn't listen to you. Our navigator is sick. We need a doctor to help.” Said Lance as Ava got out of the barrel.

“Yay! I would love to help.” Ava brought doctor tools onto the ship and she said that Clay should get more sleep and drink some freshwater.

After the checkup, Boomer said “I think you can be the crew's doctor for right now.”

Two days later,  Clay was better and met Ava. He called to the crew as they approached an island with many pirate ships around it.

“I heard there is a dojo here where we can train.” Mark said. 

“Let's go then!” Boomer said.

Chapter 5

The crew got off their ship and inspected the area. They saw many Jolly Rogers, including one with wings and one with a flower.

“Hey! Mr. with the drumsticks!”

“Wait what?!” Boomer said.

“Whatever. Let’s just see what is going on.”

They walked into the village on the island to see a 6 year old girl facing a swordsman head on. He looked like the one they fought earlier. Boomer walked up and the girl turned her blades upside down and knocked the swordsman out. Boomer and his crew slowly walked by.  

The Rockstar pirates saw the famous dojo on the island and were excited to train.

“This is gonna be awesome!” Ava said.

They went into the dojo and Boomer said, “Hello! We are friends that want to practice. You have a few available training dummies?”

“We do have some in the back.” a staff member said. After an hour of training, the crew decided to take on others in the dojo. Clay faced an old lady, Ava faced a dog fan, and more. Just then, Boomer saw the girl from earlier and realized that the girl was powerful.

“Do you want a 1-v-1?” He said.

The little girl replied, “Okay, may the best fighter win.”

Chapter 6

The battle began and Boomer started off by creating sharp drumsticks and throwing them but The girl dodged them rather impressively.  Then the girl took out her swords and charged, trying to cut Boomer in a X shaped slash. He blocked the attack luckily. Boomer dashed backward, trying to find an opportunity to attack. Boomer made cymbals and threw them at the girl. She dodged the  cymbals. Boomer then tried to kick the air, which created bass drums. The girl did a stance.

“What is that?” Boomer thought.

The girl tried to cut through the bass drum. Good for Boomer the girl only cut through half of the base drum and was knocked back. She cut the air in the shape of a crescent moon and the shape came for Boomer. He tried to dodge but his arm got hurt by the crescent moon while doing it.

“That's it. Time for my biggest move! Drum set destroyer!” He created powerful waves of drumming. The girl also used a powerful move.

For the sake of the dojo the battle was stopped  by the staff and it was declared a tie.

After the battle the girl walked up to Boomer. “I’m Syu, nice to meet you.”

“The name’s Boomer. I’ll see you around.”


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