Poetry: “After Rain” by Sierra Elman

Brown Mountain Purple sky

After Rain

by Sierra Elman (Age 12)

sweet earthly scent

evokes image of serenity,

chirp of chickadee, 

crow of sleek raven, 

declares finale of

the rainstorm

sky rocks itself 

to sleep beneath its

vast gray quilt, as a

final trickle of water 

seeps from a crack in 

the intricately sewn

blanket, dripping down

onto the ground, drenching

the soil, the playful squirrels,

the birds that sing their

tunes that engulf the planet

in their calm

placid breeze tickles trees,

scattering five-petaled pink

flowers to the lawn, until the

grass has magenta spots, threaded

with the droplets of water that fill

each cup-like limb of the blossom

gentle wind whistles, the orchestra

to the avians, performance displayed

for onlooking child, sitting in window,

gazing at scene after rain

Tween Poetry Award: I love how this piece leads us from one beautiful image to one that is expansive enough to immerse us into its vast landscape. Each stanza seems to grow in color from greys to various hues that we can play in. Gorgeous. 

Comments: Judges said,  a "Sophisticated piece" by a "talented author" that "manages to make a depressing day, into one of wonder."

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels

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