Poetry: “A Broken World” by Candice Leung

earth and lights

A Broken World

by Candice Leung (Age 12)

a broken world 

created by divine hand

or a ginormous explosion

I dunno

I don’t care

what I know 

is that the planet is beautiful, in a broken way

with scars cut deep 

by the knife of humanity


scars mean a second chance

A second chance to fix the sky

to touch the earth

to feel the rain

to make stars shine

once again

in this broken world

it’s not the end, after all…

Poetry Tween: Honorary Mention

This poem lays out the sentiment many of us feel today. We live in a world shattered by environmental disasters largely of our own making. Plastics, Mining, pollution of all kinds. And yet, it reminds us that there still is hope for us to know the earth in its raw beauty, and to keep pursuing a more sustainable way to live. 

Comments: Judges said, "Scar turn to hope. Sublime and hopeful."

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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