Poetry: “Blue”

blue ocean - grass beside the sea


by Ivy Yu

Ethan’s favorite sweater

The chairs in which I sit

The jeans that Joy always wears.

Crickets chirping

The endless questions my mom fires at me

The calming sound of the ocean.

Sweet, juicy, ripe blueberries 

A blue raspberry lollipop

Berry yogurt.

The cold, refreshing touch of popsicle on tongue

The exciting brush of ocean waves on my toes

Rain on my bare skin.

Cool, calm, refreshing… It's a lifelong summertime.

Planet Earth Poetry Contest - Entry

Youth - Ivy already received the Humor Award for her "Mosquitoes" poem, but I thought this piece was beautiful enough to post. 

Comments: A beautiful and calm tribute to one of our favorite seasons. Our judges loved the creativity in the images and the flow of words. 

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White Rose by Andrei Genzel

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