Poetry: “Earth and Pollution”

Earth and Pollution hands of people putting plastic bottles in garbage bag

Earth and Pollution


Tobey Liu

Protect the precious earth,

Love our unique world,

And don’t forget its great worth.

Never litter horrible, destructive trash on the ground,

Each snap of dirty garbage might lay unfurled,

Till news of a Trash Tsunami would get around.

Every day the earth changes,

Accepting the water, sand, and wind’s weathering.

Rather would we clean beyond the fountain ranges,

Than let, on the earth, garbage gathering.

Harm shouldn’t, on our planet, give birth.

Planet Earth Poetry Contest - Entry

Youth - The competition was tough in this Poetry Contest, but I could not bear to not post this wonderful piece about the importance of being aware of our environment. This message needs to be heard, especially as climate change in all its forms has become such a major issue in all of our lives.

Comments: Our judges said "the rhyming is fun" and they love how the poem gives voice to an important message about living in and with our planet earth.

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

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