Poetry: Buffalo Cheese Puffs

Cheese Puffs

Buffalo cheese puffs

by Emerson Willey

Buffalo cheese puffs

Them on their own are enough

Sitting in the cabinet

Crunch the


Taste the


And swoon for the 


They're hot like the sun

You can't stop at just one

There in the cabinet 

So close yet

So far

They came from the store

And traveled in the car

I sat next to them

for the whole ride

yet my teeth still didn't collide

Go eat an apple instead they said

But there's still a hole 

From my stomach to my head

Royd's Note: This fun and tasty poem was concocted from a food exercise from our Poetry Unit. I love this piece for its ability to inspire that salty, crunchy, and cheesy taste. My mouth waters just writing this note. That's what writing using those five senses can do. It has such a powerful effect on our minds and bodies. Even more so, writing can motivate us to act, like wanting to buy those Trader Joe Cheee Puffs. Good thing I'm on a diet! Otherwise, I'd be sitting eating a bag of them right now! 

Lastly, I love that this poem hilariously has that longing at the end, as many poems do. He's forbidden to eat a cheese puff! Oh, I can feel your pain, Emerson! 

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