Poetry: Cycles of Water by Autumn Hudgens

Waterfall river

Cycles of Water

by Autumn Hudgens (Age 14)

Droplets of water 

Clear like crystal

Pure and vivid against a dark green backdrop

Shining in the morning sun

Drip, drip, drop

They slowly fall to the ground 

Trickling down layer after layer 

of needles and cones

Gathering on the forest floor

First a puddle

Then a pond

Then a gently swishing stream, 

hopping over rocks and duff

A stream trickles to a river, 

Gentle swishing turning to a roar

Of foam and froth

Of cool refreshment and unforgiving currents

The river hits a rock

And droplets go flying up 

Some landing on the bank 

to be evaporated by the noon day warmth

To collect in the air, rising higher

Gathering in clumps of fluffy cotton

Then grey wool

Then dark shadows that make animals flee for shelter

As heavy particles of water come falling from the sky

Droplets of water 

Clear like glass

Glistening like the stars above

Gleaming in the moonlight against a grey-green backdrop

As the cycle begins anew

Teen Poetry Award: The Cycle of water flows through this poem, building up from a small droplet until it reaches the stars. Beautiful in its journey and simplicity of that most essential resource for all.

Comments: Judges said, "I could feel the wetness of the water." "It feels seasonal, and I like the build up of the cycles and the mood of it." This is an "excellent exploration of water."

Photo by Quang Nguyen on Pexels.com

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