Poetry: The Trek on the Mountain 

scenic view of waterfalls

The Trek on the Mountain


Tobey Liu

Little birds chirping,

I see a coho salmon.

Bunny runs by me.

Rustling leaves shaking,

North Wind blowing soft, gently,

Small breeze sings to me.

I look up and see

Gorgeous mountains with white snow,

Bald eagles flying.

Carefully stepping

Around wet, muddy puddles,

Then, I wipe my boots.

I hear soft babbling,

A small stream trickles past me.

Then it grows louder.

My heavy backpack

Is now finally set down,

I put up my tent.

Beside campsite is

What the water sound came from:

A huge waterfall!

I unwrap sandwich,

And food in mouth, I sit down

By the campfire.

They sing camping songs,

Then tell great forest stories.

I tell my story.

Now, very sleepy,

I slide into sleeping bag.

Day has gone. Good-night.

Planet Earth Poetry Contest - Entry

Youth - The competition was tough in this Poetry Contest, but I could not bear to not post this wonderful piece about the outdoors.

Comments: Our judges said "You brought me there" and "I felt transported to this place and wanted to be there." I loved the mention of how camping often lends itself to the ancient gift that humans have passed on to each other - storytelling. And, I love the mention of river, Coho salmon, and the waterfall. It makes me thinking of dipping into the water and casting a fly into the riffles. Lovely. 

Photo: Photo by James Wheeler at Pexels.com

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