Poetry: “Earth”

Earth person holding world globe facing mountain


by E.B. (Age 10)

Thank you earth,

You caused my birth,

You’re not insane,

You caused my brain,

You made my leg,

As my body begged,

Oh, how sweet,

You made my feet,

You made two hands and my body stands,

Oh, it’s true,


Planet Earth Poetry Contest 

Youth - Humor Award - This a fun acknowledgement of the Earth and how we're essentially connected to it rather than separate from it.

This poem makes me both laugh out loud and think. Royd's rant: Isn't trashing the earth akin to someone smoking? People know smoking is bad and it trashes their body, but because of a reliance on it or how it feels, they keep doing it, even if they know it may cause their demise.

In the same way, why are we trashing the earth? It's time to clean up our act. That means all of us! Pick up trash at the beach or when you take a walk. It may look silly because no one is doing it, but you're also inspiring someone who will take up the action next time. If I'm walking at a park, beach, or where ever I carry a trash bag and pick up any trash. Of course, be safe! 

"Go out on a limb" - meaning take a risk looking like a fool and help everyone. By helping the planet, you help us all - not just one isolated community.

Comments: Our judges said, "Cute!" and  "I like the dead pan humor! An unusual way to honor the planet. Made me laugh out loud!" and "Unique and creative."

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

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