Silence in the Shadows

Spies, Lies, and AlibisIn-Person Teen Fiction WorkshopApril 28, 2024 • 3pm-4pmTo register or inquire, use email:[email protected]  Join us for a free intro meetup to our Summer Fiction Workshop.Open to Ages 12-18. Invite your friends & RSVP Today!Our workshops will inspire you to explore your own ...

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Mountain View Tween & Teen Writing Workshop – Sunday, April 28 • 4-5 pm

​We at Beyond the Box Learning encourage our students to become "story eaters," ​or avid readers. Stories through any medium, ​novels,​ graphic novels, comics, and videos help to educate us about the world, the people who struggle with in it, and the realizations they discover ...

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Kick-start Your Reading Habit with these 4 Teen Novels this Avid Reader Loved & Devoured

We invited our former homeschooling student, Micah Ackerman Hirsch to share his wonderful techniques and poetry tips for our young poets and writers. Micah is a graduate of University of Puget Sound, an amazing liberal arts college, and is an accomplished writer with an interest ...

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10 Minutes A Day: 21 Short Poetry Prompts to Start A Poetry Habit

Every storyteller or writer will tell you a story needs a hero with a strong Want.  A Want can be simple: A boy wants a pack of baseball cards.  Why? Because it might have a Wander Franco card worth $2,247! Yes, “Wants” can lift us ...

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Ignite Your Story By Shifting Your Hero’s Want To A Must.

Happy New Year! Here's a beautiful poem to ring in the year by one of our teen writers. May you all have a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2023 and beyond.  Thank you Andrei for the poem! White Rose by Andrei Genzel  During the season of ...

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White Rose by Andrei Genzel
Poetry: Cycles of Water by Autumn Hudgens
Poetry: “Regrounded” by Luna Silvana Abadía
Poetry: “A Broken World” by Candice Leung

After Rainby Sierra Elman (Age 12)sweet earthly scentevokes image of serenity,chirp of chickadee, crow of sleek raven, declares finale ofthe rainstormsky rocks itself to sleep beneath itsvast gray quilt, as afinal trickle of water seeps from a crack in the intricately sewnblanket, dripping downonto the ground, drenchingthe soil, the playful ...

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Poetry: “After Rain” by Sierra Elman

​Oceanby Maya Abouav - Age 12The sand in between my toes,The waves crashing into my ears,A gray cloud around me,The sea foam running near.My friend sits beside me Her thumbs hopping on her screenHer eyes glazed and attentive,Fixed to her own machine.I sit in a pit ...

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Poetry: Ocean – Maya Abouav

Beyond the Dark Woods Green by N​.B. - Age 12 Beyond the dark woods green, A dancing sunbeam can be seen, Carried gently by a breeze, As cornstalks gold its warmth receive. Carried far into the sky,  Back up to its burning eye, Decked in ...

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Poetry: “Beyond the Dark Woods Green” by N.B.

Announcing Winning Entries for our 2022 Planet Earth Poetry Contest! Dear Parents, Writers, and Friends, We're excited to announce the winning entries for our Planet Earth Poetry Contest. We're grateful to our special guest judge Rochelle Perucca for joining us in reviewing all the submissions. ...

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2022 Poetry Contest – Planet Earth: Winning Entrants •  Our Poetry Readings will be on October 30th at the Linden Tree Bookstore (Los Altos, CA)

The terms autobiography, biography, and memoir are occasionally used interchangeably by the public, but they are three distinct, if similar, genres of nonfiction. A biography is a retelling and description of a person’s life, be they a famous actor, a nobel-prize winning scientist, or an ...

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Biography, Autobiography, Memoir? What’s the difference?

The Case for The Lord of the Rings The world has grown to love the epic adventures of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books and movies. Tweens and teens these days may be more familiar with the blockbuster film adaptation ...

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The Lord Of The Rings Book: Surprising Advice Why Teens Must Read It Today